A Treadmill in a Pear Tree: Gifts for the Exercise Enthusiast

Updated on November 14, 2013

If your loved one’s idea of a perfect stocking stuffer is a new pair of running socks, chances are you’re living with an exercise junkie. Finding the perfect gift for someone who’d rather be cross-training than cutting out Christmas cookies is a challenge. Combining high-tech clothing, accessories and other tools to make exercise fun and productive without breaking the bank is the key. Here are some suggestions to get your Christmas shopping up and running:

More than Just a Water Bottle

Photo by Rubbermaid Products via Flickr

BPA-free water bottles provide worry-free hydration for exercise enthusiasts. BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical used to make plastics and resins since the 1960s. Found in plastic food and beverage containers, BPA has been shown by some research to seep into the food or beverages it comes in contact with. Although deemed safe in small amounts by the FDA, exposure to the chemical remains a concern due to the possible negative health effects on the brain and prostate gland of unborn babies, infants and children. The Strong-Fit-Beautiful website recommends giving BPA-free water bottles as stocking stuffers for the exerciser on your list. Find BPA-free water bottles at Macy’s that are dishwasher safe and go anywhere regular water bottles go.

Wrap it Up!

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The right joint support can mean the difference between increased fitness and injury for the exercise junkie in your life. Using wrist wraps for weight training is a great way to stabilize the joints and provide the kind of support necessary for effective training with barbells, dumbbells and other body-weight training. Wrist wraps also help improve workouts by letting the person training lift stronger, faster and heavier. The J2Fit training and fitness website suggests Rogue Wrist Wraps for the perfect amount of wrist support.

Check it Twice

Photo by kortunov via Flickr

Every exercise enthusiast knows the importance of tracking progress. Pedometers, heart rate monitors and devices that measure distance traveled and calories burned all help the person in training measure success. Steadyhealth.com recommends tucking the Fit Bit Ultra into your exercise junkie’s stocking as a way to show your support. The Fit Bit Ultra not only tracks your steps, it calculates what each step means while exercising. It collects information, such as energy used, distance traveled and how hard you’re working while getting there.

Work-Out Essentials

Photo of the Lululemon logo by Jason Michael via Flickr

Glamour online suggests the Lululemon Gym Essentials Kit for before, during and after-workout needs. This beauty organizer is durable and has plenty of room for hair bands, shower supplies, make-up and moisturizers. Make the gift complete by stocking the bag with shower-sized essentials like body wash, shampoo, deodorant and conditioner.

Choosing a gift for the exercise enthusiast in your life doesn’t always mean lugging home a treadmill or stationary bicycle. Giving practical and affordable exercise-related gifts lets your loved one know your value her commitment to keeping fit all year long.

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