A Quick Guide To File Health Insurance Claim

Updated on November 26, 2020

Health insurance has become the need of the hour for every individual. You cannot foresee your future and meeting sudden medical expenses can be deplete your savings. With the growing lifestyle ailments, it is important to start thinking about critical illness insurance plans. There are plenty of features in a health plan that you must be aware about. Claims application and settlement is the most crucial part. It is the stage when you claim your policy and get its benefits. 

When you file for a health insurance claim, there are certain things you need to consider in order to ensure that it doesn’t get rejected by the company. This ultimate guide to a health insurance claim is all you need to learn about it. 

Steps to Claim your Health Policy

Before knowing anything else, it is important to learn the steps to claim health policy. Follow these steps to make a successful application:

Step 1: Pre-Inform

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness that will require immediate hospitalization, you must inform your insurance company so that they can prep everything. You can get immediate assistance if you inform before getting admitted to the hospital. 

Step 2: Documentation

The next step is to complete all the documentation for submitting the claim. You need to present the receipts, prescriptions, test results, discharge reports, etc. This will help you get a better claim settlement. You must not miss any document. 

Step 3: Track on website

Follow all the procedures that your insurance company will provide. Nowadays filing the claim offline is not required for most insurers. A majority of customers choose to file their reimbursement claims online. For this, you need to visit the online website. 

Step 4: Get Your Insurance Documents

You must keep your insurance documents safely as they are the most important fragment of your claim filing. It comprises your bank details; ensure that they are completely updated. There might be some unnecessary delays, and you must be prepared for it. 

Step 5: Submission

The final step is to submit your application along with all the necessary documents. You must submit them at the earliest date to make the claim settlement procedure quick. In case you don’t get acknowledgment on sms or email, reach out to your insurer’s customer care or contact your agent.

It might take up to 30-60 days for your claim to be completed. Stay in touch with your insurance company and get regular updates. 

What You Need to File A Claim?

Here is the list of essentials you will require to file a claim for your insurance policy-:

  • Policy Number
  • Your Personal Information
  • Health Insurance Card/Papers
  • Address and Other Contact Information
  • Evidence Supporting your Medical Care
  • Address and Contact Information of the Medical Care Provider
  • Date Admission and Discharge from the Hospital
  • Information Regarding the Medical Facility

The Bottom Line

Claiming health insurance is as important as applying for the policy. It is important to learn how to file your claim and get it done as quickly as possible. The above mentioned was a quick guide for you to understand the nitty-gritty of filing your health insurance claim. For specific details, reach out to your insurer. 

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