A Look Into Recent Research Studies in the Field of Health and Medicine

Updated on August 6, 2022

Is there a real connection between autism and vaccines? What’s up with the rapid increase in childhood allergies?

Medical experts are always working overtime. They’re trying to discover new advancements and improve existing health care. That’s why you need to pay attention to recent research studies.

Keep reading to learn what’s trending in the health community in 2019.

Recent Research Studies: Where to Find Them

Are you looking to learn the latest medical research trends? It’s difficult to know where to start your search. Here are a few suggestions on where to find the latest information:

  • Peer-reviewed studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Research articles
  • Medical newsletters and publications

You’ll need to dig deep to understand how valid each study or article is. Peer-reviewed articles are almost always more reliable than those published by independent agencies.

Hire a due diligence consulting professional to make sure the information is valid before taking it to heart. Also, keep in mind that some information may still be a working theory rather than accepted fact.

What Types of Research and Trials Are Trending?

With that information in mind, let’s dig into the types of research and trials trending right now. What questions are the public asking, and what are the health experts doing to find the answers?

Safe or Dangerous: The Intermittent Fasting Trend

Over the past few years, the public has become more wary of big Pharma. There’s been an increased interest in seeking out alternative treatment methods.

So, experts have been analyzing the recent intermittent fasting trend. Here’s how it works:

  • The person eats whatever they want for 8 hours
  • The person completely fasts for 16 hours
  • The method gets repeated daily

New studies suggest that the method is effective and beneficial. It prevents obesity, reduces blood pressure, and reduces inflammation.

Cure For Cancer?

Cancer is a global problem. Hundreds of researchers have been trying to cure the host of diseases for years.

The issue is so huge that two presidential candidates have promised to deliver the cure. Is there any truth behind these political promises?

While there’s not a cure yet, there’s been big advancements. One involves blood test screening that detects cancer biomarkers. The other is an injection treatment.

What Technologies Do I Need to Know About?

You also need to know about how technology is impacting health-related research. The “cure” for cancer research is being guided by gene-editing. This new breakthrough involves identifying and editing our genes.

Here’s another technology that’s changing the industry: Artificial Intelligence. How is AI changing healthcare? Machine learning is helping doctors make better decisions.

A doctor’s diagnosis, when streamlined thorough AI, is more accurate. Surgery is more precise. AI means better healthcare outcomes for us all.

Here’s to a Healthier Future

Staying up-to-date on recent research studies is crucial. Often, medical experts will overturn past findings. Other times, new discoveries shake up the way health care gets provided.

Are you still looking for more information about what medical experts are saying? Head on over to our Education section for our latest content.

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