A Healthcare Revolution Continues

Time Magazine said recently that “if the late Peter Drucker wanted to really understand where our health care system is headed, he would fix his gaze on one place: ThedaCare.”

It appears that Dr. John Toussaint has started a quiet revolution there in Wisconsin that continues to grow. His ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value is now teaching others how to accomplish what they have accomplished. His two books on the subject, Potent Medicine and On the Mend continue to sell briskly.

The new book, Beyond Heroes, completes the trifecta.  Author Kim Barnas, former SVP of ThedaCare and current faculty member of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, continues the ThedaCare success story, drilling down into the everyday, boots-on-the-ground methodology for implementing the much-needed changes on a day to day basis.

“I did not want to write a workbook that had set steps to arrive at “the” proper destination as defined by ThedaCare,” she says candidly. “It had to be a story about our journey and how we arrived at a conclusion…filled with stories that spoke to people’s hearts and missions.”