A Guide to Labiaplasty Procedure and Cost

Updated on July 23, 2021

Are you considering undergoing labiaplasty surgery? An increasing number of women are interested in this procedure for cosmetic and functional reasons. Most women opt for such surgery following childbirth to restore the form of their labia, some to avoid irritation, whereas others to avoid pain during intercourse. 

Nevertheless, many females undergo labiaplasty due to cosmetic reasons, especially those whose vaginal lips are too large, irregular, or saggy. Females are normally interested in the cost of this surgery to see whether their budget is large enough to cover the costs. 

The following guide will introduce you to labiaplasty cost, procedure, and recovery.

What is labiaplasty?

In order to better understand the procedure, individuals should be familiar with the terms labia minora and labia majora. The former refers to the inner lips of female genitalia, whereas the latter refers to the external lips of the female reproductive organ. The size of both labia minora and majora might be too large, which tends to occur following childbirth, loss of weight, or ageing. 

Apart from affecting the appearance of female genitalia, enlarged labia creates different sorts of issues for women, such as discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse, a drop in sexual confidence, not being able to wear certain garments, etc. Therefore, many women facing this problem decide to undergo labiaplasty to enhance their labial appearance and restore their sexual confidence. 

Moreover, this surgical procedure includes augmentation of labia majora, reduction of labia minora, adjustments to the clitoral hood, etc. Surgeons are experts in removing excess skin from the inner lips, an adjustment in size to the outer lips, and dark area removal. The removal of fat makes the relaxed skin tighter and less saggy. 

The augmentation of labia majora is conducted by using two methods. One of the methods involves sourcing natural fat from another body part through liposuction and injecting it into the outer lips. Women looking for a simpler method should try hyaluronic acid injections, which are injected in the same area. Nevertheless, hyaluronic acid injections aren’t believed to provide the same long-lasting results as natural fat, as hyaluronic acid degrades over time. Learn more about the surprising benefits of this acid. 

Three popular labiaplasty methods are used during the procedure, the trim, wedge, and de-epithelization method. For instance, the trim technique involves making an incision to the outer labia edge, which is most suitable for patients with thick vaginal lips. Conversely, patients with thin vaginal lips would benefit from the wedge method, as the removed tissue is in a V-shape, and the edges are stitched back together to minimize scarring. 

The de-epithelization method, on the other hand, is a technique where only a tiny section of the inner lip is removed, followed by suturing the edges. This technique is highly popular owing to the minimal scarring and preservation of the original labia contour. 

Nowadays, clinics rely on laser technology for the purpose of making skin incisions. Cosmetic gynaecology surgeons use absorbable sutures, which are not only invisible but also dissolve in a short period, resulting in no scars. Lasers are preferred for this kind of procedure because of causing a minimum of tissue damage and scarring, which leads to a speedy recovery. 

Furthermore, labiaplasty takes between one and two hours, and it’s performed under anaesthesia. There’s virtually no pain and discomfort in the course of the surgery owing to the use of local and general anaesthesia, as well as deep sedation in some cases. Following the surgery, patients are given painkillers to take for a couple of days. 

In terms of post-operative effects, it’s normal for patients to experience vulva swelling for a period between three and five days. Also, there are no bandages and stitches to be removed afterwards. Follow this link https://www.verywellhealth.com/why-would-a-woman-get-a-labiaplasty-2709970 to see why women decide to get a labiaplasty. 

What is the cost of labiaplasty?

As far as the procedure cost is concerned, labiaplasty surgery varies in cost depending on different factors. It’s important for patients to be aware of the factors dictating the overall surgery cost in order to plan their budgets. There are various types of fees for patients to take into account. 

For example, surgeon fees are among the essential cost factors, which are determined by the time spent on the surgery and the need for post-operative care. Naturally, the experience of surgeons plays a major role in the fees these professionals charge. The more experienced and qualified a surgeon is, the higher the cost of labiaplasty. 

Hospital and theatre fees need to be taken into consideration as well. These are usually calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, depending on the time spent in the clinic. Nevertheless, some hospitals tend to charge higher fees than others. In most cases, the procedure is completed in a maximum of two hours. The only exception is when there is supposed to be a second procedure. 

In addition, anaesthetist fees are also included in the cost, as nearly all procedures are performed under general anaesthetics. The fees of aestheticians aren’t universal, but most of them charge a maximum of £430 per hour. As mentioned before, the length of the procedure is unique to each individual. Also, the type of sedation should be factored in as well. Local anaesthesia is usually charged less than general anaesthesia. 

Moreover, the labiaplasty procedure itself dictates the cost. Patients who only enhance the appearance of their labia minora would pay less than those who make adjustments to both inner and outer lips. Also, the type of technique used during surgery is calculated as well, given some techniques are more complex than others. 

Last but not least, labiaplasty recovery has its own effect on the overall cost. Following the surgery, patients are usually required to attend follow-ups for doctors to monitor their recovery. The number of follow-ups, prescriptions, and compression garments is worth considering. 

The bottom line

Genital reconstruction has become a trend in recent years. 

It’s the best way to regain your sexual confidence!

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