A Guide To Arimistane And Arimistane Supplements For Weight-Lifting

Updated on August 1, 2020

Knowing what supplements to take to sustain your bodybuilding routine should be your priority if you want to do things right. And one of the inhibitors that can add more verve to your workouts is Arismistane. 

Here are a few FAQs to help you understand its advantages and why it’s a helpful addition to your supplements. 

All About Arimistane 

Arimistane is an inhibitor that prevents the biosynthesis of estrogen. Known as very potent and almost irreversible, it obstructs the synthesis of said hormone. It’s also considered a prohormone because of is anabolic steroidal characteristic. 

Where Can Arimistane Be Found?

In the context of weight-lifting and body-building, it can be found in workout supplements. They’re either taken alongside another enhancer or are taken alone. Here, you’ll learn about Arimistane supplements and what they do to enhance your body’s strength and power capabilities in order for you to endure strenuous physical activities. 

Benefits Of Arimistane In Weight-Lifting And Bodybuilding 

1. To Stack With Other Supplements 

We’ll be discussing supplement stacking more in detail in another post but here’s the gist of it. Bodybuilders usually stack Amistaine with workout supplements to let their testosterone levels increase even more. 

This is helpful in that when this occurs, you will experience an enhancement in muscle mass. In turn, this will promote muscle strength and power. Additionally, experts have revealed that there is a solid correlation between higher levels of testosterone and skeletal muscle performance. 

If you want the latter to be at their peak, this is an inhibitor you’ll want to consider. 

2. To Tackle Gyno-Related Issues 

Weightlifting men who suffer from gynecomastia combat this with Arimistane. Gynecomastia is an imbalance that is due to the overworking of breast glands and therefore results in the increase of said breast glands. Men 

In order that men who have gynecomastia prevent such an occurrence, they have to push their testosterone levels higher through aromatise inhibitors. This then decreases their chestal area and flattens it out. 

3. As A Supplement For Post Cycle Recovery

A post cycle recovery is a kind of therapy that aids your body to re-boot itself after being subjected to inhibitors. Because of the fact that you’ll have to take them in cycles, it’s natural for your testosterone and libido levels to not be in their stable course. 

Thus, to bring them back into stability and balanced production of your hormones, supplemental Amistan can be utilized to achieve this. 

However, do remember that for this therapy to be successful, you’ll have to stack up Arimistane with essentials like testosterone enhancers, and other types of PCTs that will work well with aromatise inhibitors. 

On that note, be sure to seek advice from medical professionals and weight-lifting experts who are knowledgable about these supplements. 


Always read the dosage information listed on the supplement you’ll be taking. Not only that but it’s recommended that lower dosages are the safest way to go. Observational researches have shown that a daily dose of 20 to 25 grams is enough. 

And yes, there IS such a thing as taking too much of it so follow the recommended measurement. Or better yet, ask your physician to assist you with how you can safely take this supplement. 

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