A Day in the Life of a Senior

Updated on March 22, 2021

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It is often said that time is a great equalizer-people around the world are given the same 24 hours a day-therefore what you do in a day determines the quality of your life. Life of a senior is no different. In this article we attempt to chart out a typical day in the life of a senior suffering from some condition of the body and general physical weakness. Home Health Care professionals are not easy to get by especially the ones that fit your requirements snugly. Health Care of South Florida is a reliable Home Health Care Agency Fort Lauderdale that puts major focus on your requirements and only involves professionals that yield best results. While there are several kinds of Home Health Care Assistance available at the disposal for a senior, here we will highlight the major kinds- personal care aides (PCAs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs). So let’s dive straight in.

A typical day with a Personal Care Aide assisting you begins by the PCA handing out your medicines once they arrive as per the schedule. They help you with simple tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning and laying out your clothes, making your bed etc. They may even prepare your meals if it is so required. They may help you out with the activities throughout the day. Be it driving you to and from the grocery store or nearby park for your routine morning walk. They may assist you in the exercises that you are required to perform. They may help you carry out personal tasks such as dressing in case you have difficulty in doing so. Sometimes, they will also engage you in some sort of games and occupy your mind with an activity that requires mental work in order to keep you entertained. A Personal Care Assistant is always available in care homes and also in home if you opt for their services. They can visit for fixed hours if some family member is available for care work. 

A typical day with a Home Care Nurse might start with her checking on your vital signs. The nurse may interact with your family to catch up with any eventuality that may have occurred in her absence. In case you are recovering from surgery- they administer intravenous medication as required. They also care for wounds (if any) and change dressings if required. They will also assist in any need of mobility and small personal tasks such as using the toilet (bedpan, if you are bed-ridden) bathing and grooming. They would be at all times alert to your needs and perform regular physical assessments from bed to toe. After the daily duty is finished They will also prepare a report and send it to your supervising doctor to update with the progress. 

A home health aide advises on good housekeeping and nutrition practices to the family of the patient. They keep track of the meal plans and may also help in preparing them according to the advice of the doctor. They help patients learn the use of  tools such as cane or a walker to begin movement. They may introduce special utensils to patients who are unable to feed themselves and teach their use. When required they may guide the patient to use tools for carrying out personal hygiene tasks. They may also demonstrate moving the patient, turning them, lifting them and repositioning them to the family. They are also required to duly fill their patient journal for unusual incidents and inform them to their supervisor. Hire the best Home Health Care Agency Fort Lauderdale to take best care for your loved ones.

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