A Complete Guide to Tonsillitis For Parents

Updated on April 5, 2020


The doctor looking after your child will include a physical examination of the child. The study will be including:

●  Using a light instrument. It will assist in looking at the child’s throat and, at times, help in looking at the child’s nose and ears. It will as well be more venerable to infections.

●  Check for a rash by name scarlatina. It is associated with strep throat cases

●  Palpating or gently feeling the neck of your child for lymph nodes or swollen glands

●  Listen to the breathing using stethoscope

●  Checking for the spleen enlargement

Throat Swab

Using this test, the ​best ENT specialist in Singapore​ will end up rubbing a sterile swab on the child’s throat back. It will assist in acquiring a variety of secretions samples. Samples shall be under check in lab or clinic in the presence of ​streptococcal bacteria​. Most of the clinics are bearing a lab that will assist in acquiring results after a short duration of time. The second test is much more reliable and is sent out to the lab. It will end up returning results after a period of 24 to even 48 hours. In case the test in the in-clinic is positive, there is a likelihood that the child may have acquired a bacterial infection. In case the test is negative, the child is most likely to be having a viral infection. The doctor will pay more attention to the tests to end up coming up with a check which is most effective in determining the infection cause.

Completion of blood cell count

There may be an order of a CBC from your doctor on the minimal amount of the child’s blood. The test will, in many cases, come to completion in the clinic. The test will assist in producing a count on the varying types of blood cells. The elevation on the normal and below average will be indicating whether the infection is a result of viral or bacterial agents. There will be a necessity of a CBC, which will help in diagnosing the strep throat. In case you come up with negative results, there will be a need to assist in determining the ​tonsillitis​ cause.

Home Care Treatment

Regardless of whether tonsillitis is a result of bacterial or ​viral infection​, care strategies will be making the child much more comfortable. As a result, you will be promoting a better recovery. In case a virus has resulted in tonsillitis, this is the best treatment. The doctor will never at never time prescribe on the use of antibiotics. The child will have improved drastically in seven to even ten days. The home care strategies will be in use, mainly during recovery time. It will include:

●  Encouraging rest. Your child requires adequate test

●  Provision of sufficient fluids. You ought to be giving the child enough water to assist in keeping the throat moist thus preventing dehydration

●  Provision of comforting beverage and foods

●  Preparation of saltwater gargle

●  Humidification of air

●  The offering of lozenges. Should be given to children with four years or even more Avoiding irritants

● Treatment of fever and pain


In case tonsillitis is a result of bacterial infection, the doctor will end up prescribing an antibiotics course. Penicillin is taken orally and is among the widely known antibiotics treatment for curing tonsillitis. Its cause is as a result of streptococcus present in a group. If the child is ​penicillin-allergic​, there will be a prescription of a different antibiotic. Failure to complete dosage may result in worsening of an infection or else spreading of the disease to the whole body.


Surgery assists in the removal of tonsils and is useful in treating recurring tonsillitis. The bacterial or chronic disease is not responding to antibiotic treatment. In many cases, people are defining frequent disease as being:

●  Having more than seven episodes in one year

●  Four to five events every year for the two preceding years Three or more events in the other three years preceding

●  Might as well be performed in case tonsillitis is resulting in complications that are hard to manage.

●  The difficulty is swallowing particularly chunky foods and meat Difficulties in breathing

●  Obstruction is sleep apnea

●  Abscess which is not improving antibiotic treatment

While in the hospital, the doctor is going to ask you many questions to determine the child’s problem. The items will be including:

●  When symptoms began

●  The child temperature if he/she had a fever

●  Whether she/he has difficulty while swallowing foods

●  If there is anything which helped in improving symptoms

●  Whether the child has been diagnosed with strep throat or tonsillitis before

●  If the child’s symptoms are affecting the child’s sleep

In case the child has been underexposure of a person who has a strep throat, you may consider asking these questions to the doctor:

●  The time you will take in acquiring results

●  The best treatment course

●  Whether there is a need for having concern on the number of times a child has tonsillitis The time the child will resume to school

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