A Closer Look about Tria Beauty 4x Hair Removal

Updated on June 15, 2020

You can now achieve smooth and hair-free skin in the comfort of your home with Tria’s beauty 4X hair removal laser. This product ensures that you will see ideal results in less than three months with weekly use. It is safe for most skin tones and effective when removing hair of any color. The lasers used in this product target the darker pigment of your hair follicles; just like with professionals’ hair removal lasers, it effectively removes hair in any body part with ease.  

Looking at an honest review of tria beauty 4x hair removal from a reputable website can be very helpful for first-time buyers. For starters, you should take a look and consider how the product works, what its best features and highlights are, and how durable it is. Additionally, look for feedback and comments from people who actually used the product and have experienced its results.

  • How Does it Work?

This product uses a diode laser that you can use on your face and body. After each session with the Tria beauty 4X, you will see that fewer hairs grow back, and it grows slower, becomes lighter in color, and more delicate. With regular use, it leaves your skin smoother and softer. The diode laser can permanently disable your hair follicles’ capability to grow hair. 

The machine can be used to remove unwanted hair in different body parts,. The Tria 4X is an over-the-counter system that you can use as a better alternative to removing hair from home, eliminating the need for constant shaving and waxing. 

  • How to use the Tria Beauty 4x Hair Removal Laser?
  1. Prepare your skin

Before starting your hair removal laser at home, make sure you clean the area you want to treat with soap and water, shave, and towel-dry for the most effective session. Unlock the product by pointing its skin sensor against the are you want to treat, then the device will unlock if it deems that it is safe for your skin. 

  1. Select your treatment level

The Tria Beauty 4x Hair Removal Laser comes with five distinct energy levels so you can easily customize your comfort. Always start at the lowest level and gradually work your way up. 

  1. Choose an area on your body and begin treatment

When you have chosen an area, make sure to treat that specific body part every two weeks until you get your desired results. 

  • The Benefits of Using Tria 4X

Keep in mind that the results will be different for each individual and which body part was treated for laser hair removal. According to most reviews, the product is successful in removing hair and keeping certain areas hair-free when used as directed. Here are some of the benefits of the product.

  • You will experience an average of 61 percent of the reduction in hair growth after three weeks of your first treatment.
  • You will experience an average of 70 percent of the decrease in hair growth after three weeks of your second treatment.
  • You will experience an average of 60percent of the reduction in hair growth after one month of your third treatment.

According to a study, 87 percent of the users had finer hair after one month. The Tria 4X also helped them achieve softer and hair-free skin.

  • Highlights
  • It is the only FDA-approved hair removal laser for home

This product is the only FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified home hair removal laser proven by clinical studies, giving you a safe and efficient product to use at home. 

  • It gives you more energy

Tria’s beauty 4X hair removal laser safely delivers over three times more energy in eliminating hair than other IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) lasers. It gives you faster results since each hair follicle within the treatment will absorb more energy. 

  • Professional quality results 

The product uses the same technology that professional dermatologists use in their practice in removing unwanted hair, giving you professional quality results at home.

  • What skin tone is it safe to use on?

It is safe for those who have light to medium skin tones and brunette or darker body hair. However, it may be dangerous for those who have lighter hair colors such as blonde, red, white, or gray because it cannot absorb the laser’s energy to disable the hair follicle permanently and may result in severe burns. 

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