A Beginners Guide To Kettlebell Workouts: Useful Information You Need To Know

Updated on September 18, 2020

Almost every gym nowadays possesses kettlebells. What are kettlebells? Well, they are simple yet effective workout equipment, capable of burning 400 calories in 20 minutes. Most kettlebell works revolve around crunches, squats, lunges, and other forms of exercise that help you strengthen your core. 

Since kettlebells are small and one can easily afford them as being cheap, costing around 20 USD per kettlebell that weigh around 6 kg. Besides, you can exercise indoors with them during your free time. 

Different Types Of Kettlebells

There are different kinds of kettlebells and each serves its own purpose. For example, there are kettlebells that help you gain flexibility.

Some require heavy movement that increases your heart rate, thus increasing blood flow all over your body, and there are other kettlebells that are comparatively heavy, helping to strengthen your muscle and increase overall strength.

Equipment Required

For working out with kettlebells, all you need is a set of kettlebells and an exercise mat. They can be easily found in any sports shop or you can also order online.

Kettlebells come in various sizes but for average workout and core strengthening, you can use the ones that weigh around 6-10 kg.

For those who are looking for an even more intense workout, they can go for heavier kettlebells. It all comes down to the purpose of using the kettlebells. 

How To Work With It

Every kettlebell comprises two parts, the heavy ball that is used as a weight increase for your workout activity, and the handle which is normally called “Horns” by gym instructors that can be held at the top or at the sides depending on the workout. 

There are quite a lot of exercises that are regularly advised by gym instructors, but you can even add some of your own workout routines like with kettlebell workout for beginners including total body conditioning. Some of these workouts are-

1. Squats

Squats are one of the best ways to train your hamstring, back, and quads. Adding a few extra weights with the kettlebells further strengthens the squats.

Grab the kettlebell handles by the side, keeping them at chest height, and then do regular squats. Simple as that!

2. Weighted Sit-ups

Sit-ups are considered a great exercise for your core, abs, and back. Adding the kettlebells to the workout now also works your shoulders and arms, thus making it the perfect workout for your upper body.

What you need to do is grab the kettlebell, hold onto the ball rather than the handle, and raise it over your head in the middle of every sit-up, and then bring it back down before you lay down for your next sit-up.

3. Weighted Arm Rows

Another great workout for your arms, shoulders, chest, and your back. Since the movements of this exercise are slow and controlled, it also helps you to maintain proper breathing, thus increasing the necessary oxygen supply in your body.

Do a lunge with your left leg about a few feet in front of the right leg. Grab a kettlebell with your right hand and rest your left arm on your left leg. Now, slowly yet steadily pull up your arm, then slowly let it go, do it a few times, then change your arm. 

The Many Benefits 

As we have seen that kettlebells can strengthen the exercises that were already effective on their own. So, you can also understand the rewards that you reap from this upgraded workout is also much more effective. These benefits include-

1. Improved Core And Body Muscle Stability

Since the muscles now face even more pressure because of the increased weight, they become much more stable and can coordinate better with body movements.

2. Extreme Fat Burning

Since all the exercises are done to burn fat even without a kettlebell, the added weight from the kettlebell intensifies the workout and burns even more fat, keeping the body in proper shape.

3. Enhanced Flexibility

The increased weight from the kettlebell loosens up muscles during the workout. So, after a few weeks of intense training, your body feels much more agile and flexible.

4. Alternate Cardio

Since kettlebell workouts include your core and require controlled breathing so you do not stress out too soon, they can be an easy alternative for cardio exercises such as cycling or swimming and help improve metabolism and cardiovascular health.

5. Increase Grip Strength

During all the kettlebell exercises, you are required to hold the kettlebells with your palms. It vastly increases your grip strength, and we all know the stronger your grip is, the stronger your arms become.

Doctor’s words

Kettlebell workouts can be an excellent fitness activity, as you will burn more calories than you would without them. So, depending on what you want, change, or shift your kettlebell workouts.

As this workout requires you to lift the added weight, you also need to take proper precautions and advice from your doctor. Doctors suggest that people that have an average score could potentially further develop it with kettlebell exercise. These people are benefited the most through this.

But if you are skinny and have a weak core, doctors suggest that you do regular workouts first to get your core in shape and then try the added weight, otherwise, you may end up with hamstring injuries or worse.

People who suffer from diabetes, high blood sugar, and cholesterol, will greatly benefit from doing these workouts as it has been mentioned before that kettlebell workouts can also be an alternative to outdoor cardio activities.

Since they also improve blood flow and burn a lot of fat and calorie, it is also very beneficial for people with heart diseases.

Final Thoughts

Many studies have found that kettlebell workouts are great for any strengthening program. They also stabilize your body and increase blood circulation. As they are small in size and cheap to get, it is a perfect tool for people that like indoor workouts rather than going to gyms, and the biggest benefit of it is that it can improve strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and all the important aspects of fit health. So why are you delaying? Grab your own set of kettlebells and start working out to get back in top shape

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