8 Positive Ways to Combat Mental Illness

Updated on August 6, 2020

When someone is faced with any type of mental illness, they need to figure out steps to take to make their life as happy and normal as possible. Different people are affected by mental illness differently, and there are times when the illness that a person is facing affects their whole family. Some people may require an online therapist such as the ones provided by BetterHelp.com to get the help that they need. It is important for a person to take steps to combat their mental illness.

1. Combat Mental Illness by Talking to a Close Friend or Family Member

It is difficult for anyone to go through life on their own, and it can be especially difficult for those who are dealing with mental illness. The one who is struggling because of something that is going on for them mentally should be open with those people they trust and let them know how they are feeling. Everyone needs at least one supportive individual who will be there for them in all they are facing.

2. Do Things that are Enjoyable

A person should take time for the things that make them happy. The one who gets peace from taking a shower and is struggling to find peace while dealing with mental illness should set aside time each day to shower. The one who loves a particular TV show or who enjoys traveling should make time for that. It is important for a person dealing with mental illness to do things that bring them happiness.

3. Get Involved in a Support Group

The more people that a person knows who is dealing with something similar to what they are dealing with, the more comfortable they will be in their own skin. A support group can be helpful to someone dealing with a mental illness and it can be the perfect place for them to talk about all they are facing.

4. Take Time to Exercise Each Day

Exercise is good for a person’s physical body and it can also have an effect on a person’s mood. If the one dealing with mental illness is able to be physically active, they should set aside time each day when they will exercise.

5. Learn as Much as Possible About Mental Illness

The more that a person knows about the specific condition that they are facing, the better they will understand the things that they are feeling and the steps that they feel like taking. It is important for a person to learn as much as possible about mental illness in general and the specific condition that they are facing. The more that someone learns, the easier it will be for them to plan out their future and know what they should expect.

6. Talk with a Counselor or Psychologist

When someone sits down with a psychologist Brisbane will be able to talk about their feelings and have someone there for them who is willing to listen. The one who meets with a psychologist will have someone there to help guide them toward the right decisions. It can be comforting and helpful for a person who is dealing with mental illness to spend time in the office of a caring psychologist.

7. Get a Good Amount of Sleep Each Night

Sleep can change the way that a person feels about life, and the one who does not get enough sleep at night can struggle to get through the day. A person’s mood can be affected by the amount of sleep that they get. If someone is dealing with mental illness, they should figure out a sleep schedule that works for them.

8. Combat Mental Illness by Staying Grateful

There are times when a person dealing with mental illness will feel overwhelmed by all they are facing. That person might long for pity – and they are deserving of it. It can be helpful for a person to think about the things that they are grateful for in those times when life is hard, though, as it can turn their attention off of their problems and to happier things.

There are simple things that a person can do when faced with mental illness. The one who is looking for help for their mental illness should seek out a doctor, a support group, and a psychologist.


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