8 Healthy And Fitness Secrets You Can Borrow From A Sky Stripper

Updated on October 18, 2020

You love and joy their actions. When you visit a club with sky strippers, your mood changes. You cannot get out of your attention from them. Also, their dancing style and movements are on another level. But for people with a taste for fitness, the strippers’ body is what keeps your gaze on them. You desire to have a flexible and fit body like theirs. If you are wondering on how to achieve this objective, here are some health and fitness secrets you can borrow from them:

Have a food diary

A healthy and fit body does not come naturally. It begins with your table. Eating healthy and making it a habit leads to a strong and fit body. This aspect is one of the rules for every stripper you come across. The strippers have a food diary that keeps their eating habits in check. 

Like them, you can create your food diary using sites such as MyFitnessPal. The diary will help you get a clear and honest path to your eating habits. Also, you will have information on your daily diets and workouts. This way, you will realize your fitness objective.

Squatting is essential 

To become a winning stripper, you need to work on your legs. The flexibility of the legs plays a central role in the stripping actions. So, every stripper must work out their legs to make them flexible. 

Squatting is one of the crucial workouts for strippers. The strippers perform several squats in conjunction with bicycle and lunges. These exercises strengthen their legs, allowing them to make varying attractive movements while on the stage. You too can follow suit. Squat exercises will enhance your leg strength and flexibility. If you want to keep your legs fit, you can copy this workout from them.

Avoid too much salt and sugar

Are you a sugar lover? It is understandable that cookies and candies are sweet. You love them, and it is hard to consider a divorce. However, if you want to be like a stripper, you must reduce your salt and sugar consumption. 

According to strippers, taking excess sugar and salts inspire the consumption of extra water. This aspect contributes to having some water weight. The additional liters of water on your body will add up to your weight. Also, the component can result in inflammation during excesses. For this reason, the strippers avoid sugar and salts.

If you want to get their shape and stay fit, you need to adapt to their lifestyle. Keep away the sugary and salty meals. Instead, you can opt for natural sweeteners that will help you enhance your water retention and lower chances of inflammation. 

Prioritize yoga workouts

Yoga is one of the secrets behind the flexibility aspect of the sky strippers. In particular, strippers perform two types of yoga. The first type is Ashtanga yoga, which is an excellent option for toning their body. This yoga has several sequences that strengthen and tone the strippers’ body muscles. 

The next type is hot yoga. This yoga improves the stripper’s health by helping them lose excess water weight. Also, it enhances their flexibility, mindfulness, and dealing with stress. So, you do not need to be a stripper to perform these workout exercises. Consider them if you want to be stress-free and release excess weight. 

Choose your diet carefully

Your diet is proportional to your health and fitness goals. What you eat determines whether you will have a healthy body or not. For this reason, it is vital to be careful when picking your diet. Strippers consider eating home-made diets that have low glucose or sugar. 

Also, they avoid processed products. Their diet consists of nuts, cereals, and raw fruits. This habit allows them to consume the right nutrients for their body. As well, it enables them to get enough calories to enhance their strict and tough workouts. If you want to improve your body fitness, you must choose your diet carefully. Be like the strippers, and only use what is healthy and beneficial to your body.

Focus on resistance exercises

For a stripper to succeed in their performance, they require a tough body. Their muscles must be strong to enable them to engage in exotic and fast movements. Due to this aspect, resistance exercises are part of their daily schedule. You’ll find every stripper with a resistance band while traveling. 

With it, they can carry out their resistance workout while on the go. The good thing about these exercises is that you require a small area to do them. So, all you need is to buy a resistance band and start your workouts.   

Strengthen your self-esteem

Being proud of yourself is an essential aspect for every stripper. as such, You’ll find strippers taking selfies during their workout sessions. Some will go on to post these photos on their social handles. According to your thought, the strippers may be doing this to please the followers or attract customers. 

But this might not be the case. Many strippers use this approach as a way of tracking their progress and lifting their self-esteem. Each time they see their last session image, it inspires them to keep moving. You too can use photos to boost your self-esteem. Take a selfie during your daily gym sessions. This way, you’ll be stronger and fit. 

HIITs are vital for weight management

Have you ever seen an overweight sky stripper? Do not confuse being muscular for this aspect. Every stripper is very conscious about their weight. For this reason, they take part in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These exercises are critical in burning fat and getting lean muscles. If you have a similar goal, you should consider getting on board. The HIIT workout is easy to perform at home. 

Wrapping Up

In a word, sky strippers have a secret behind their lean and flexible bodies. You do not need to become one to do what they do. So, even if you do not dream of joining the stripping world, you can copy their healthy lifestyle. This way, you’ll enjoy a smart and fit life. 

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