7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Workplace Less Stressful

Updated on June 8, 2020

65% of adults say their work is the reason behind their stress. Work is a big part of our lives. We wouldn’t be able to feed our families if we don’t go to a job – at least that’s most people think. One should be excited about his job and should get ready every morning not because he has to but because he likes what he does.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure a peaceful and happy work environment for yourself and the people around you. You simply have to add or remove a few things from your routine, and you will notice a clear difference. 

Invest in Stress Management

Acquiring the help of a mental health service is a professional way to empower employees. These services use several techniques and psychotherapies to help deal with stress and motivate to improve lifestyle. You can get them on a video call and chat with practitioners for consultation and prescriptions. 

Conduct Exercises

A little workout can do wonders. Most people working a job of 9 to 5 don’t have the energy or time to go to the gym. They don’t even have the motivation to exercise for a few minutes at their home. You can help employees maintain good health by conducting regular exercise sessions of a few minutes. Instead of going for a hard workout, start with yoga or pilates that both males and females can practice. 

Allow Friendships and Fun

Popular opinion is that workplace friends can’t be best friends. Work requires everyone to do his job without slacking off because one fault affects everyone. Change your business model to make it less strict and friendlier. A good friend is the best therapist and exactly the motivation one needs to enjoy his work. 

Perfectionism isn’t Necessary

There is no such thing as perfect; there is always room for improvement. This makes the life of perfectionist very stressful as they feel even the minor differences. This doesn’t just affect them but the people around them as well. Accept that there will always be issues in every work that don’t need to be resolved immediately. 

Discourage Politics

Office politics is a toxin that turns a productive environment into a get-it-over-with environment. It demotivates even the skilled workers and adds needless stress in their work routine. Don’t get involved in any politics and ensure that there are no such activities in your office.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a great way to sabotage two things simultaneously. Don’t work on multiple projects and avoid assigning one employee to handle more than one things at a time. It makes the job less productive and more difficult, leading the worker to stress and anxiety. No matter how experienced or skilled, one can’t put his full focus on one task when there is another task waiting in the process. It doesn’t even save time. Have employees finish one project on a short deadline (only if absolutely need) and then start with the other. 

Get Away from Screen when Possible

Too much screen time is not good for mental or physical health. You should use anti-glare glasses when sitting in front of a monitor and take your eyes off it every hour. An employer can only be peaceful at work when his employees are happy. Ensuring their wellbeing with such small gestures and practices will ensure a stress-free environment for them as well as the employer. 

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