7 Procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry to Get a Healthy Smile

Updated on October 9, 2020
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Are you sad or worried about your uneven, broken, and discolored teeth? Don’t worry! Today, the new techniques of dental treatment like cosmetic dentistry not only deal with different oral issues but also provide you a healthy smile in a cost-effective manner.  

However, before adopting any such procedures, get a complete knowledge of the results of different related methods and risks involved in them. Let us discuss how various dental techniques help you acquire complete oral health and a good smile.


In this process, a plastic-like material is applied to the defected teeth which are hardened afterward with the help of ultraviolet rays. In the end, the doctor gives them suitable shapes by trimming and polishing. This method is very effective to repair cracked, decayed or misaligned teeth and also a good alternative for silver fillings. 


With time, teeth usually get discolored or stained due to several sorts of activities such as regular smoking, alcohol consumption, or taking tea/coffee, and so forth. But nowadays with the evolving tech, you need not have to worry about staining and discoloration. Tooth bleaching is one of the best ways to remove such stains and get shining teeth. It also improves the quality of your smile. Also, the process of teeth whitening is simple, a dentist applies a gel comprising hydrogen peroxide to the front teeth. This chemical penetrates the outer layer of the teeth and removes stain compounds through oxidation. The whole process takes only 1- 2 hours of timing. Then, you can simply return home.    


This method is used to correct crooked, chipped, and misaligned teeth and to fill the gaps between them. Porcelain material is used to create the impression of teeth, and then, the shells are fixed to the fore teeth. To strengthen the material and to attach the veneers properly to teeth, the laser beams are used. After the process, the shape, length, and color of the teeth are improved to a great extent. You may have to visit a clinic two times as a dentist needs to take the measurements of your teeth before creating the veneers.      


Bridges are designed to fill the gaps between teeth. They are made of porcelain, gold, or a combination of both. Along with artificial teeth, the bridge is fixed on the surrounding teeth. To keep their foundation strong for many years, keep your oral health on an optimum level.    


Another name of a crown is a cap that is often used to restore a broken tooth. Apart from this, they are also designed to save a weak tooth, capping discolored teeth, covering large fillings, and holding bridges. The crown is made of porcelain, ceramic, resin, or metal and designed after taking an impression of your tooth. The crowning process can be costly, so the dentists suggest it when other procedures do not give the desired results.           


Braces are effective in correcting uneven and crowded teeth. They also help to improve jaw disorders and denture positioning. Through them, suitable pressure is applied to teeth. So, they get their desired positioning. 

A dentist applies metal or ceramic brackets with wires on teeth to give them their accurate position. You may have to wait for months as the braces take time to align the teeth. During that period, you may need to visit your dentist regularly to tighten the braces. 

People of different age groups can take advantage of the process. However, persons who have allergies to metal or suffering from periodontal diseases can go for other alternatives such as invisible braces or aligners. You can also remove them to do activities like brushing, flossing, and eating.    


The implant is one of the best solutions to replace lost teeth. It is a good alternative for bridges also. The patients who have spoiled or broken jawbones due to periodontal disease may require bone grafting to secure the implant. They are often made of titanium which is fixed into the missing tooth’s jawbone. After healing of the jaw, it provides a solid foundation for the replaced tooth. Before placing the implants, you may have to go through the processes such as having denture x-rays, taking impressions of jaws, creating a model for new crowns, etc.   

How to find the right cosmetic dentist?

To adopt any single or more above solutions for your dental health, taking the services of an experienced dentist will be required. 

With lots of dentists and their various options of cosmetic dentistry in the market, choosing the right professional becomes a daunting task. Although, this branch of dental science is not counted as a specialty field by most of the dental associations worldwide, yet, a good level of experience and training is mandatory to get specialty in cosmetic dentistry by a dentist. Before going into the procedure, narrow your search of an expert one in the following way:      

  • After acknowledging your specific smiling requirements, talk to people, relatives, and friends who have utilized the procedure of cosmetic dentistry, and take a referral from them.   
  • In addition to education, ask your dentist about the time they devoted to cosmetic dentistry during their practice. Enquire about their experience or history in this profession.      
  • To know the level of care and facilities provided by a dentist in their clinic, check their dental technologies such as CAM/CAD restoration, intraoral imaging, dental lasers, etc.   
  • One method of knowing the quality services of a dentist is reading the reviews of patients who have utilized their services. These testimonials are available online and are displayed in their clinics also.   

If you go for a regular check-up to your general dentist, he/she can recommend a suitable dental process and specialists in your area. It is because they are well aware of your oral status and physical health conditions. In case, they feel your gums, jaws, and teeth require more evaluation before adopting cosmetic dentistry treatment, they can refer you to a maxillofacial surgeon, endodontist, prosthodontist, or orthodontist. The reason is good results of dental procedures depend greatly upon the health of your denture and bone structure. Additional care may be required in case your oral health is not good.   

It is also crucial to avoid taking substances that can make your teeth stained again. Maintain your oral hygiene by the good practice of twice brushing alongside flossing and rinsing with mouthwash daily. 

More information about the treatments for your denture you can find at mydubaidentists.com, a useful online resource.  

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