7 dental procedures for improving oral and facial aesthetics

Updated on November 5, 2019

The face and mainly, the smile mirror our personality. Having a beautiful smile can open the doors of opportunities that bring success in life. Not only a smiling face is more acceptable to others, but studies have shown that there is a direct link between a beautiful smile and success, and others would perceive it in that way. Moreover, a beautiful smile enhances your self-esteem as well as your social standing and can present opportunities that would have never been possible otherwise. A smiling personality reflects good health and happiness, and you must work your way towards achieving that pleasing smile that only a few are born with. With advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible to focus closely on dental aesthetics and improve it for creating the most beautiful smile.  

In the course of creating the million-dollar smile, oral health also improves, which leads to overall well-being that reflects in your personality and lifestyle. Everyone dreams of neatly placed sparkling white teeth gleaming through the parted lips. It brings a glow to the personality, lift the spirits, and spreads cheer and happiness. But not all people have the perfect teeth they dream about. They may suffer from damaged, missing, poorly shaped teeth or improper teeth setting that dent their dream of having a beautiful smile. For them, cosmetic dentistry offers good hope for correcting the oral architecture by addressing the issues of dental imperfections to create the most attractive smile that they would be proud of. Several cosmetic dental procedures are available to enhance facial aesthetics and bring about a makeover of the facial appearance that gives an entirely new look and a more confident personality.  

It is possible to set right almost all dental flaws that embarrass people and subdue them from expressing themselves to the fullest.  By visiting Great Hollywood Smiles, a specialized clinic for cosmetic dentistry, you can improve any condition of the mouth by addressing the dental issues to uplift your facial appearance.

The preparative steps

Before going for any dental cosmetic improvement, you must be aware of the various procedures and its risks and benefits. All procedures might not be right for everyone, and only the dentist can decide about it. Moreover, all dentists might not have the right skills to apply all techniques of dental improvements and might leave you disappointed. In addition to knowing about the procedures, you must also judge the competency of the dentist in carrying it out so that you can come out smilingly from the clinic with the satisfaction of having achieved what you wanted. 

Although some cosmetic dental procedures are quite affordable, some others are quite expensive, and since these might not have health insurance coverage, you must check the cost before deciding. You must also understand how to take care of the newly acquired dental features to make it last longer.

Let us now discuss about some common cosmetic improvement dental procedures.

1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a bleaching procedure that removes stains and discoloration to bring back shining white teeth.  Teeth discoloration can happen for various reasons – regular tea and coffee consumption can stain teeth permanently, and the side effects of some long-term medications are also responsible for it. Certain foods can also cause teeth discoloration as it also happens from regular alcohol intake. Teeth whitening is a long-term solution to the problem that any cosmetic dentist would recommend. By using a chemical bleaching process, the dentist will remove the stain and bring out the bright white shine of teeth that looks completely natural. Generally, you must visit a dental clinic to undergo the procedure, but you can also do it at home under the proper supervision of a dentist.

Although teeth whitening is permanent, its longevity depends on removing the causes, and the inability to change your lifestyle and habits can make the problem recur. Brushing twice a day and regular flossing and mouth rinsing with antiseptic mouth wash ensures long-lasting teeth whiteness.

2. Change teeth color and shape with veneers

Dentists use veneers for changing teeth color and its shape. Veneers are shells made of porcelain or plastic that can cover the front of teeth to give it new a new color and shape. Veneer makeovers improve the teeth’s appearance that can last permanently.  If you have improper teeth shape or slightly crooked teeth, then the best way to set the looks right is to use veneers.  Veneers are also useful for covering extra spaces between teeth, and it can conceal chipped and worn out teeth besides giving a new look to stained teeth.

To place the veneers, the dentist will first take an impression of your teeth and then buff the location before fixing the veneer with cement.  The dentist will then point a beam of light to spot for allowing the cement to set.

3. Contouring and enamel shaping

Another way of improving teeth appearance consists of removing the contour or dental enamel by using the procedure of contouring and enamel shaping.  Sometimes, the procedure works in tandem with bonding, but the choice depends on the dentist. The process of contouring is most suitable for changing the shape and length as well as altering the position of teeth, and it facilitates reshaping teeth too. However, to apply the procedure, your teeth must be healthy with d bone support, or else there will be doubts about the success rate. The process should work well to set right crooked or overlapping teeth, and even if you have irregular and chipped teeth.

4. Bonding

Do you have broken, cracked, or chipped teeth or teeth discoloration is a cause for your embarrassment? Then the dentist will recommend the procedure of teeth bonding to set things right. Bonding is also a solution for filling extra spaces between teeth. To give a completely new look to your teeth and improve your smile that you had always dreamt of, the procedure of bonding should be just right for you. 

Dentists use the procedure of bonding for filling cavities to prevent exposure of the root of teeth that can cause more damage. The process consists of the dentist applying an etching solution to the affected teeth. This is followed by applying tooth-colored material made from composite resin to the surface of the teeth directly. Although the procedure is meant to last long, the teeth may undergo chipping and staining besides normal wear and tear that can affect the longevity of the procedure.

5. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are ideal for replacing missing teeth. The dentist will create a dental bridge by using artificial teeth to create a fixed partial denture. Alloys, porcelain, gold, or a combination of the metals are generally used for making bridges. When the bridge is ready, the dentist will use the adjacent teeth to use it as anchors for the implant but need to put crowns on these teeth before fixing the bridge.  The dentist uses false teeth to join the crowns and finally sets the bridge with cement to the prepared teeth. The success of the procedure depends on your oral hygiene and the foundation of the bridge.

6. Dental crowns

To give your teeth a complete makeover by hiding its imperfections, the dentist will use dental crowns that look like regular teeth and provide a new shape and look to it.  Metals, ceramics, and a combination of porcelain and metal are the common materials for making crowns and crowns made from resin are also available. The choice of material determines the cost of crowns, which are the last resort for dentists because they use it only when other dental procedures do not give results.

Crowns can cover a tooth with a large filling that looks a bit awkward and conceal discolored teeth to make it look white and shining.  All other types of tooth imperfections like poorly shaped teeth and broken teeth can be covered with crowns just as it is the choicest covering for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. Temporary and permanent are the two types of crowns that dentists use depending on the situation.

7. Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for replacing the missing tooth, and it is a time taking procedure that involves quite a bit of technicality that makes it an expensive process. Instead of removable dentures and bridges, using dental implants by inserting it in the jawbone is a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant has three parts – the root made of titanium that goes into the jawbone, the abutment is the intermediate part that remains attached to the part of the implant that sticks out from the gum. The top part is the crown that imparts a natural look to teeth.

A lot of dentistry clinics are now specializing in cosmetic dentistry that has the power to create an entirely new look of the face in the way people want. From children to older adults, everyone can try out the techniques of correcting dental flaws and improving their smile, but which procedure would be right for you depends on the evaluation of your oral health by a dentist. 

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