7 Best Exercises to Do for Relieving Back Pain

Updated on July 13, 2020

Back pain is a nagging injury that so many people deal with. Whether you’ve suffered in an accident or are just dealing with general wear and old age, you need a workout plan to help you out. 

Which exercises will be the most effective?

Read on to learn the best exercises that help with relieving back pain. 

1. Take the Time to Stretch Every Single Day

Stretching is absolutely the most underrated exercise that not enough people do. Just taking the time to stretch your neck, back, core, hips and lower body will make a world of difference. 

Everything is connected — even stretching your hamstrings can reduce lower back pain and tightness. 

Here, you will find advice on stretching and back care:


2. Purchase Some Good Kettlebells, Weights and Other Home Gym Equipment

Resistance is always the best force to build back muscles. Buy a good set of kettlebells so that you can strengthen your back while still moving naturally. 

If you prefer traditional weights, a good squat rack and barbells will be helpful.

Look up the home gym equipment that’ll let you target various muscles in your back and core. 

3. Participate in Aquatics Fitness

Water also creates incredible resistance opportunities. Taking a dip in the pool to practice your strokes will help build your entire body. 

If you’re not a strong swimmer you can take some aquatics fitness classes. This builds muscle naturally and creates incredible endurance. 

4. Make Yoga a Regular Practice

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can work wonders for your back health. It teaches you to move your body naturally and with balance. 

You’ll also be able to build muscle and lubricate your joints. There are lots of yoga poses you can try out that will keep your back strong and limber. 

5. Do Several Reps of Pelvic Tilts

If you build one side, you have to build the other. Exercise your core as much as you build your back so that you can prevent injuries. 

Pelvic tilts are a great way to build your core and strengthen your lower back. This is also helpful if you work in an office and sit down for long periods of time. 

6. Invest in a Pull Up Bar

Set up a pull-up bar in your home to get stronger every single day. Pull-ups are one of the best total-body exercises you can do and will build both your back and your core. 

It teaches you incredible body control and builds endurance as well. 

7. Perform Wall Sits

Finally, performing wall sits will also help you build a strong back. It tightens both your core and your back, building the muscle groups equally. 

These exercises are great because you can do them anywhere and don’t need any equipment. 

Use These Exercises For Relieving Back Pain

These tips are helpful at relieving back pain of all varieties. There are zero reasons to wait for personal trainers or gym memberships when you can do these exercises on your own time. 

Let these tips help you get past your back pain problems. 

Check back for more information on all sorts of healthcare news. 

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