7 Alternative Uses for Office Spaces

Updated on March 18, 2020

Not all office spaces are meant to become offices. Simply because an empty space is located in an office building, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be converted into one. There may be other better and more beneficial uses for it than just filling it out with desks. Convert that office space for sale in Ortigas into something useful and profitable by trying out any one of these:

Turn That Empty Office Space into Any One of These:

1. Multipurpose area

You can rent out that empty space for different functions and events. You don’t need to do much. Just work on a few upgrades like better flooring, a decent interior paint job, excellent air conditioning system, and other basic facility needs.This could be converted into a reception hall for events, a small trade bazaar, and other similar events.

2. Recreation hall

A recreation hall in the middle of a business district is a great and profitable venture.With the increasing number of contact centers spread out all over Metro Manila, workers coming off their graveyard shifts can give you a customer-base outside of the typical happy-hours-clientele getting off work at 5:00 P.M. This means that there are no longer peak or off-peak hours for business operations.

3. Co-working space

Co-working spaces are a thing now. Working hubs and hot desks are increasing in popularity. With the rise of remote work and freelance jobs, more people are looking for common office spaces where they can accomplish their tasks without the need for renting out office space monthly.

4. Dance and fitness studio

Dance is always a fun form of exercise. Why not convert your vacant space into a dance and fitness studio? Just dress the place up with hardwood floors and full-length mirrors, provide decent air conditioning and ventilation and you’re good to go.You can offer different types of dance and fitness classes depending on the teachers you have.

5. Meet-up spaces

Another unconventional use of empty space is renting it out to be a meet-up place for different organizations, clubs, and groups.Meet-ups are increasing in popularity nowadays, especially with different social media groups that are hobby- or interest-centric like toys and collectibles groups, book clubs, car enthusiasts, career or profession-based gatherings, and other similar organizations.

6. Artists gallery

Artists and photographers are always on the lookout for opportunities to showcase their artwork. Giving them an enclosed and secure space to showcase and sell their best works creates opportunities for you to connect and transact with people outside of the typical commercial and industrial networks you’re used to.

7. Intimate gigs

Turn your space into an avenue for intimate performances and gigs. This would be a great way for different types of performers to showcase their talents to a small and intimate crowd. Setups like these are ideal for underground and indie singers and bands, spoken word artists, and solo or small dance groups to name a few.

Don’t let that space go to waste. There are tons of other ideas that you can get to give that area some purpose and turn it into something profitable for you.

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