6 Ways Functional Medicine Can Make A Difference In Your Life

Updated on September 3, 2021
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Functional medicine is based on science. It is not a trial-and-error methodology. This is an alternate medicine approach that understands how every human being is different both genetically and biochemically. It believes that the body is composed of a very complex network of interconnected relationships. Alternative medicine practitioners prefer to get a deeper comprehension of the body before they start treating any anomaly.

Managing Chronic Health Conditions With Functional Medicine – Is It Possible? 

The medical approach that has been followed up till now is practically ingrained in everybody’s systems. Breaking away from the norm is going to be difficult. This approach to medicine takes up this challenge and succeeds at it with an undeniable flair. Functional medicine doctors follow a 2-step approach which comprises:

1.       Add What’s Lacking 

It intends to add what is lacking in the human body. This is a process that nudges human physiology back to a state of normalcy. It brings the internal functions of the human body to a state where they can function optimally.

2.       Remove What’s Unwanted 

Removing any hurdles or obstacles such as diseases, pains, illnesses, and infections is the second step. This is what helps move the human body and the mind and the spirit towards an optimal state of physiology.

Functional medicine is based on a few essential pillars that make its application successful. Let’s have a glimpse of it in the section below:

1.   Biochemical Activity

Functional medicine in sydney focuses on understanding the biochemical individuality of a human being. The entire biochemical process is going to be different from person to person. This activity is highly impacted by their genetics. In addition to this, the environmental uniqueness of their habitat also affects this process.

2.   Patient-Centric

The entire approach of functional medicine is patient-centric rather than disease-centric. It is aimed towards rectifying the internal problems and ailments of the patient and fine-tuning their body and internal systems. The belief is that diseases tend to leave the human body once it has regained its balance.

3.   Internal And External Balance

Talking about balance, there is a dynamic force within the human body that needs to balance itself with the internal and external factors. This medicine approach takes into account the holistic condition of the body, mind, and spirit as well.

4.   Physiological Factors

This alternative medicine approach believes that there are numerous interconnections within the human body. These connections connect the internal physiological factors that are responsible for the overall well-being of an individual.

5.   Holistic Health

Health is identified as not a singular entity or a condition of the mind or the body. It is a concept that is not only symbolized by the absence of disease. Functional/alternate medicine focuses on the holistic health of an individual which means bodily balance, the well-being of the mind and the spirit, and overall good health that transcends beyond superficial wellness.

6.   Preservation Of Organs

Several diseases and illnesses impact specific organs of the human body. Functional or alternate medicine is a means to preserve organ health and enhance the overall healthspan of an individual. These pillars are what make this entire approach practical and implementable. This is how functional medicine can make a huge difference in your life. 

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