6 Vital Guidelines For Choosing the Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Your Home Use

Updated on November 17, 2023

Everyone seems to be talking about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and chambers at every turn. And if you are the sporty type, you’ve probably heard LeBron James say HBOT helps to boost his performance. Whether that’s true or not, you wish to learn what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is. Will it work for you too, and which is the best hyperbaric oxygen chamber you can get just for yourself to use at home? 

Not to keep you in suspense any longer, here are answers to your questions at a glance. First off, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a way to stimulate your body to heal faster and enhance cell growth. This becomes possible through chambers that provide your body with more oxygen than you usually breathe every other day. And about if it will be helpful to you too, yes! 

No one gets to miss out on the goodness of this therapeutic oxygen protocol. Even your kids can have a good time in the proper chamber, boosting their brain development and functions. Now, I’m sure you’d want that for your kids. 

You are also not left out. With the right chamber, you can enhance your cell growth, heal faster, and have a healthier aging sequel. 

So, in the end, it all comes down to what hyperbaric oxygen chamber will fit your needs and how you go about getting yours down to your home. 

Well, don’t sweat it! Below are all the vital considerations you need to tick off as you prepare to have your chamber set up for you. 

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The Mild HBOT Chamber is Perfect for Home Use

At this point, you should know there are two types of HBOT chambers depending on the concentration of available oxygen in the chamber. 

The typical HBOT chamber is what you’d see in hospitals and with specialists like chiropractors. This is due to the fact that the circulating oxygen is usually pure and is highly flammable. Hence, the need to only use it under proper supervision. Now, you wouldn’t want to bring such into your private building. So, what is your other option? 

That will be the mild HBOT chambers. These deliver 95% oxygen directly into your nostrils using face masks. In the chamber, what you’d still have circulating is air, unlike pure oxygen as in the professional setting. 

That way, your chamber is at no risk of blowing up. That would be disastrous! So, it’s a good thing to have such milder and safer forms as the OxyLife I mild HBOT chamber, which you can easily set up in your apartment. And what’s more? It comes at an affordable price as opposed to the professional types. 

Choose a Chamber That’s Perfect for All Age Group

The next thing to consider is if the chamber you’ve locked your eyes on can cater to your entire family. Now, you wouldn’t want a case where you’d have to buy a chamber for each member of your household. 

Considering costs, it’s best to go for a one-for-all chamber that is perfect for all age groups. And as health focus differs across age groups, one good thing about the HBOT chamber is how it satisfies everyone! After each session, you all get to feel stronger, healthier, relieved of pain, and more energized!

Confirm the Chamber Size

Are you scared of being in a small space? Not to worry! You only need to go for a chamber that affords you the space that makes you comfortable. For the Oxyhelp I, you’ve got the capsules in 80 and 90-diameter sizes. You’re sure to find comfort within this wide range of diameters. 

Moreover, you should also know chambers can be soft-shelled or hard. The soft usually comes with a zipper, but it doesn’t mean you get to have more space. You’d rather go for the hard case as it affords you more ease. You can imagine trying to enter and get out of a bag, which is the case with the soft chamber. It can be stressful in itself. You wouldn’t want that from a device that should relieve you! 

Check for the ATA Value

Two factors are essential for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be a success. You need to raise your oxygen intake and increase the pressure to be higher than normal atmospheric pressure. This way, you get to increase the amount of oxygen crossing from your lungs into the blood. 

Ultimately, you increase the amount of oxygen getting to your cells. Hence, the result is a boosted cell growth, healing, healthy aging, and much more. 

We measure the pressure in ATA values with the atmospheric pressure approximating 1ATA. Therefore, we have the hyperbaric oxygen chambers https://oxyhelp.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-chambers/ to have pressures starting from 1.3ATA. However, soft chambers usually max out at 1.4, given their pliable nature. Hence, if you want a perfect therapy, then you should go for the hard chambers with better pressure control that can reach up to 2ATA. 

Movable or Stationary?

This is also a factor to consider when choosing a chamber for home use. In this case, you do not need to be so bothered with having a chamber so portable. Still, you might want one with caster wheels like the Oxyhelp I. That way, if you ever need to move it around the house, you’d still be able to do so. 

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Ease of Installation and Warranty

After all, we are discussing a relaxation device right in your home. It’s only natural that you wish to know how easy it will be to install one and what protections you have for when it suddenly stops working. 

For one, most providers would provide you with technicians to help install the device right in your apartment. Not only this, but they also will teach you how to use it. So, something else is the ease of use too. 

It would be best if you went for chambers you can control from within and outside the chamber. It would be weird if you had to have someone outside your chamber every time you need to step in for some rejuvenation. 

Also, about the warranty, go for nothing less than two years. If you’d be paying the full price, then you want to be sure you can breathe easily without breaking anything. 

Key Takeaways as You Get Your Chamber Today…

In all, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is there to help you infuse oxygen into your bloodstream. Doing so gives your body the needed boost to achieve healing in a shorter time and prevent aggressive aging. 

However, choosing the perfect chamber for your home use is essential. So, take your time to go through the above considerations as you make your decision. Do that, get your chamber soon, and start giving your body just what it needs — to be forever young!

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