6 Tips For A Pet-Friendly Holiday Season

Updated on February 2, 2020

Amid the whirlwind of holiday preparations, you might not pay attention to your pets as much as you do. You have to plan the decorations, prepare for the guests, travel with your pet, go gift shopping, and cook loads of items. But if you start ignoring your pet for a long period of time your pet whether a dog or cat might start feeling anxious. Also, you share your life with your pet and it is vital to take care of them all the time. So, here is a post that will help you keep your pet secure, comfortable, and safe at the same time. 

Include your pet in the festivities

Most pets like to socialize and if your pet is one of them then don’t shove him away in an isolated room. Treat him like a family member and let him interact with the guests because if you shut him away he or she might feel depressed and stressed. This, in turn, is not good for your pet’s mental health or physical health in general. So, make sure when your pet interacts with the guests you are around. Keep an eye on the young kids and request them to not chase or pick your pet. Gregarious pets get can get tensed with constant picking and hence react adversely. 

Prepare in advance 

Preparing in advance will help you analyze the pros and cons of the holiday season. Though we all know that holiday seasons are all about joy and fervor yet they come with a lot of responsibilities. So, make sure you plan a week ahead of the holidays, especially when you are traveling with your pet or emotional support animal. Preparing in advance will give you a wide range of options and you can choose the best pet-related services. For example, boarding cat backpack carriers, pet-friendly accommodation and everything your pet commodities. Not only this but also if you prepare in advance you will have a lot of time in your hands. In the end, you will be able to give equal attention to your pet and the holiday preparations.  

Your Pet’s Health Comes First

Just as humans fall ill or catch the flu during the winter season so can your pet. To take care of your pet’s health, first and foremost check pet insurance. Find out what your pet insurance covers and then consult your vet. Second, ensure that you do not keep feeding all the leftovers to your pet. I understand that holidays come with a lot of cooking and sometimes in the spirit of joy yo tend to give more than your dog or your cat can eat. As a result of which your dog will gain weight and may have heart-related problems in the near future. So, ensure that that you feed your dog with healthy food and take a diet chart from the vet for a better understanding.

Do not change your pet’s daily routine 

Cats do not like change and if you have a cat, a change in routine will cause him to be anxious. So, do not disrupt the day-to-day routine and try to follow the routine as much as possible. Despite all the hustle and bustle, you have to keep in mind that animals find their daily routine reassuring. Any deviation will cause them to act in a different way. They will feel sad, depressed, anxious and stress-filled. To avoid all these situations you can play along with your pet while you are decorating. Involve your family members and ask your kids to take them out on a walk make them in-charge of pet care, I am sure the kids will love taking care of the pets while you go on about your business. 

Avoid harmful holiday decorations 

Decorating your house with plants that can cause allergy to your dog is not a good idea. Even if you love flowers and wish to add uniqueness to the house you should know that some plants are poisonous and can prove fatal for your dog. Also, avoid toxic decorating material that you know your pet might nibble or step on. If you are planning to get a Christmas tree, make sure your pet does not go anywhere near the tree. Especially the breakable ornaments, light strings, and pointy objects. Animals will try to climb on the tree or play with the decoration material. You can start decorating the tree while your dog and cat are out for a walk or when they are playing with your kids.

Hire a pet-sitter if you are traveling abroad 

This point will cater more to individuals who have more than two pets and plan on traveling to a new country this holiday season. So, for starters, rather than leaving your pets with your neighbor or asking someone to come in, you can simply hire a pet-sitter. Because a pet-sitter knows it’s his or her job and they have to be at their best. Thus, make sure that you hire a professional pet sitter or someone who has experience in pet care. This way you will stay stress-free while on your trip to a different country. 

Final Words

Take care of your pet this holiday season and ensure that you spend at least fifteen minutes with your pet no matter how busy you are. It is no hidden fact that animals need your love, care, affection, and reassurance. They will look forward to the same during the holidays too. If you spend fifteen minutes with your pet every day you and your pet will stay high-spirited, happy and stress-free all the time. Happy holidays! 

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