6 Reasons Why You Never Should Use Alcohol During Divorce

Updated on February 17, 2020

Alcohol is the most common depression suppressant in the world. We will not give sad statistics now, but we will just say that drinking alcohol during a divorce is extremely dangerous. These dangers are completely invisible but they are real. Read to protect yourself and end the divorce proceedings as a winner.

Alcohol Makes Us Too Courageous

Do you know the following phrase – I’m afraid to drink whiskey because after whiskey I’m not afraid of anything anymore? So, substitute the name of any other alcoholic drink instead of whiskey and this statement will still remain true. Alcohol drowns out the feeling of fear and makes you ignore the possible consequences.

And the worst thing is when the alcoholic intoxication is multiplied by a feeling of hatred. In this state, you can impulsively hit your ex-husband or wife, be rude to your children, decide to get rid of the evidence, and another million options. Being courageous and decisive is certainly good, but not under the influence of alcohol, because the consequences can be terrible and irreversible.

Alcohol Erases Memory

Some of the physical effects of drinking include stomach alcohol effects. It also affects your memory. Tomorrow you may not remember not that you drank too much and danced near the pole in the club. In the meantime, your ill-wishers could have filmed this on video and sent directly to the lawyer of your soulmate. Do you want to listen further?

Already the day after tomorrow this video will go to the judge, and your ex’s lawyers will convince the judge that you are an asocial person, it is dangerous to leave the children with you because you will spend all the property and alimony that you get on parties at night clubs. And even if nothing like this had happened to you before, and you got drunk under the influence of emotions, then this is still a stain on the reputation that can turn the entire divorce process upside down.

Alcohol Makes Us Regret Decisions

Yesterday you were sure that your decision to fill out a divorce paper form was the only right one. Alcohol will make you doubt. And then it will make you feel sorry. You will begin to think that you were in a hurry to make a decision to use the divorce do it yourself kit to speed up the process, and in general, you had to give him or her a second chance.

Remember, these are not your real thoughts. Alcohol deliberately pulls out of our subconscious mind all that we regret and makes us experience it again and again. Do not give it a chance. Keep your mind and subconscious mind free from alien influences.

Alcohol Makes Us Vulnerable

It is scientifically proven that alcohol destroys brain cells and suppresses the capabilities of our nervous system. But it is the strength of the nervous system and the ability to control yourself that gives you the opportunity to move on the steps of the divorce process. Remember the time you were college students? Remember your first party? Do you remember the morning after this party?

Most likely, in the morning you could not get out of bed, and there was a total vacuum in your head. Now imagine that you need to go to a court session in the same condition. Do you think you can adequately represent your interests, even with the help of a lawyer? We think that your opponents will immediately take advantage of your weak position to convince the judge that you are not worthy of your demands.

Alcohol Makes Us Unable to Think Soberly

This is obvious, right? Alcohol makes it impossible to think soberly, both literally and figuratively. Being under the influence of alcohol, we are no longer hostile to our thoughts and intentions.

On the contrary, you need to maintain clarity of thought in order to go through all stages of a divorce – from filling out cheap divorce papers online using Washington online divorce service for getting a final court decision.

Everything You Do Under the Influence of Alcohol Will Be Used Against You

Everything that you do when you are drunk will still be noticed. Unfortunately, the divorce shows the true faces and intentions of the people whom we considered close, and the number of ill-wishers can increase several times. Rumors about your drinking habit scatter quickly and surely fall into the right ears, and there already lawyers will come up with their application. And it will not be in your favor, that’s for sure.

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