6 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Pursue a Career in Nursing

Updated on October 14, 2021

It is never too late to make a significant career change. Life is about finding the intersection of what you are good at and what you love. Holding on to your job and working hard does not always mean that you love it. If you are looking to quit your job and are ready to leap into a brand new career, here are some reasons to consider nursing:

1. It is meaningful work

If you are the type of person interested in helping people and making a difference in the lives of others by providing care, nursing allows you to do that. The job involves taking care of people when they are vulnerable, and as a nurse, you get to be there with them through the downs and ups. Moreover, care is not limited to the patients, but you also support their family and loved ones by spending time with them and meeting their physical and emotional needs. Nursing is a meaningful and rewarding profession to the nurse and the patients and their loved ones. This reason is why most nurses love their careers.

2. It is a trusted and respected profession.

Due to it being meaningful, you need to be a trustworthy person. Nursing is one of the most trusted professions. Furthermore, if you want to feel respected and appreciated, being a nurse will satisfy that need. Although it is not a perfect profession, most of the time, nurses receive a lot of respect.

3. You are always learning.

Nursing is a career of continuous education because things are constantly changing in medicine and healthcare, so you always have to keep up with the most current literature and practices. Nursing is the right career path if you seek a profession that allows you to go to conferences and lectures. You will often see experts coming into the hospitals to talk to the staff about what they know and research.

Moreover, because you are always learning and gaining new experiences, there are many options for you to advance your career. You can become a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse practitioner, anesthetist, and you can do a ton of different things like specializing in public health or move on to your master’s and doctorate degrees. Nursing gives you a huge opportunity to advance your career in many different directions, whether you want to work at the bedside or more in the administrative role. Once you know what you want to achieve long-term, you have the opportunity to pursue an education in any way you want. Often, hospitals will reimburse you or pay for your tuition because they support the pursuit of higher education.

4. There is a variety of fields you can work in

As a nurse, you are never stuck on one thing. No matter what you start on, if you change your mind later down the line, you can always change. For example, if you start out working in the surgical unit and are interested in pediatrics, you can always switch. Your options are unlimited, and you can diversify any time that you want. If you want a career that does not give you burnout, where you are tired of the same thing, nursing offers you the opportunity to try something new.

5. It is a secure job

There are never going to be too many nurses; there are shortages in every institution, meaning you can get a job whenever you want to work. It is comforting to know that you can always get a job as a nurse, no matter what. Even as a new graduate, it is not very hard to get a job like in other fields that provide challenges when trying to get a job, and you are just out of college because they want you to have experience and do an internship before they hire you. Nursing is a high-demand job. In fact, it is no surprise that the industry is expected to experience even more job growth during recent years. By doing a simple search such as nursing careers near me online, you will be aware of not only the various vacant positions in nursing but also identify the most demanding nursing specialties such as registered nurses, nursing case managers, and nurse anesthetists.

6. Nurses make a competitive salary

You will be satisfied with the pay and have the opportunity of making more because there is a lot of money in health care jobs. Furthermore, if you want to advance your career by going into different specialties or moving to a higher rank, you can increase your pay. You can choose to pick up shifts here and there, which will help you earn more.

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