6 Marketing Tips for Care Home Managers

Updated on February 2, 2022

Choosing the right care home for your loved one is possibly one of the biggest decisions in life. There are so many horror stories about people being neglected or mistreated and the actual places themselves being dirty. As a care home manager, you know that this is just a small percentage of institutions; however, it means you must put your best foot forward when it comes to marketing and outshine your competitors. 

Network in the Local Area

If people in the local area don’t know about you, then something must change. The best way to market yourself is to network within the local community. Talk to GPs, nurses, and other group leaders that may be asked for their opinion on which care home to choose. But don’t just focus on the professionals; host events and talks for local residents so you can show them the quality services you provide.

Digital Media

It is the digital age, and any business that is not utilizing this to its advantage is missing out big time. But don’t make the mistake of using stock imagery; create the media yourself. Take your own pictures, make videos, provide a virtual tour. Create professional digital media to market your care home effectively. 

Use Social Media

Social media has had such a huge influence on marketing all kinds of businesses, and care homes are no different. Have a strong social media presence that is professional yet friendly and open. This is a great place to showcase your digital media, and regular activity means that people will remember your care home. A top tip is to make sure you tag your location in posts so people can easily find you.

Senior Care Directories

A quick online search is usually the first port of call when searching for a care home, and the easiest way to do this is through online senior care directories. Senior care directories like Discover Directory compile a list of reputable care homes across the country. Users put in their location and requirements and the site tells them which care homes match their needs, an easy and effective marketing tool for care homes.

Professional and Detailed Website 

If a website is hard to navigate, looks tacky, and doesn’t have the information the user wants, they aren’t going to be interested. Have your digital media readily available on your website and make sure you are consistently updating it with relevant information; for example, the covid measures you are taking and any activities or planned events that are happening.

Promote Positive Stories 

Families of potential clients want to know their loved one is being cared for properly, and the best way to showcase this is through using positive client stories. Let people see that residents are happy, looked after, and are cared for with the utmost attention, but let the residents and their families tell the stories themselves. Use these on your social media accounts and your website so they are the first thing potential clients read when they find you online.

There are so many channels of marketing to utilize as a care home manager, and done effectively, can help you fill your beds by promoting a sense of community, patient-focused care, and an all-around positive experience. 

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