6 Accessories Every Nurse Needs

Updated on December 15, 2022
Smiling nurse

In many cases, nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. As we have observed especially throughout the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, our nurses have been true heroes, devoting their time and energy to keeping us healthy, happy, cared for, and alive. This job mandates a lot of stress, but there are some things that can make the day-to-day work of a nurse just a little bit easier, more manageable, and even more comfortable. These are some accessories that every nurse needs in order to maintain a functional and healthy work life. 

1. Stoggles

Safety goggles are an important piece of a nurse’s day to day. The eyes can be easily exposed to bacteria, bodily fluids or discharge, and even dangerous chemicals within a medical space, and protecting our eyes is crucial to maintaining functionality and health. However, many nurses would prefer not to wear goggles due to discomfort and appearance, and some even avoid them. 

Stoggles solves this issue. These safety goggles don’t even look like safety goggles. They have the appearance of fashionable glasses in a number of different styles that let the wearer protect their peepers without looking like they are about to go scuba diving. Additionally, they have anti-fog coating which ensures that the wearer is always seeing clearly. 

They also boast of being blue light blocking, something that can be intensely beneficial for nurses who are frequently looking at screens throughout the day. This can help avoid headaches, or premature tiredness. While doing all of this, they also fully protect the eyes from any projectiles, and even offer a prescription safety glasses option for those with visual impairments. 

2. A Good Pen, or Rather Pens

Throughout any nurse’s day, they will find themselves needing a pen. Having this accessible quickly, and reliably is important to any nurse to keep them from seeking a writing utensil when they need it. Find a pen brand that you love and can rely on. Uniball and Sharpie both have excellent options that you can also clip to your scrubs. Carry a couple with you at all times to ensure you never have to worry about a missing writing utensil. 

3. Comfortable Shoes 

Life as a nurse entails a lot of time spent on your feet. While you may be able to last for a day, or the first few hours of your shift, foot pain and soreness can quickly lead to a painful shift, and even evolve into back pain throughout the day. 

There are two things to look for in a pair of shoes. The first is that they are comfortable and supportive. Find a shoe with an ergonomic sole that is designed for wearing over long periods of time, and for lots of walking. Flat skate shoes are not going to give you the support you need. Next, find something that you like the look of. Surprisingly, there are shoe brands out there that supply support while still looking fashionable. Having a little bit of confidence in the appearance of your shoes will help you behave more confidently, this is more important than you might think. 

If you end up needing more support, or are experiencing back or foot pain, consider adding an insole to your shoes that assists with your specific needs.

4. A Comfortable Face Mask

You can’t do your job if you’re sick, and keeping your patients, yourself and your family and friends safe is an important part of being a nurse. Because of this, a mask is a crucial piece of your wardrobe. Spend time testing different masks that are accepted by your institution and find the style and brands that are most comfortable and reliable for you. This small piece of trial and error can help you ensure you are more comfortable and focused throughout the day. 

5. Lotion

Working as a nurse entails a lot of hand washing and sanitizing. While this is excellent, and absolutely necessary, it can quickly dry out your hands. This can lead to dry and cracked skin that is difficult to heal. Keeping a small vial of lotion with you throughout the day can allow you to moisturize following washing your hands to make sure that your skin doesn’t become chronically dry. 

6. Storage

Last, but not least, having a place where you can keep anything you need throughout the day can help you be never without your necessary accessories. This can be a small bag or fanny pack, or specialty scrubs with extra pockets that allow you to carry things like pens, an extra mask, sanitizer, or lotion. 

Know What You Need

Ultimately, the best accessories are the ones that make your job, and your life a little easier. Become well acquainted with your needs, and invest in what makes you your best self.

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