5 Ways to Make Core Strengthening More Fun

Updated on October 24, 2021

We all know that exercise is good for us, and core strengthening exercises are some of the best that you can do to improve your overall strength and fitness. If you have a strong core, several other types of exercise will come much easier to you. But how often do you look forward to exercising in the same way you’d look forward to doing something fun with friends? Chances are, not as often. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to make core strengthening exercises more fun and enjoyable. 

Work Out From Home:

This year, more and more people have been working out at home due to the COVID19 crisis. With gyms closed for a lot of this year, those who wanted to keep fit throughout the pandemic have had to come up with innovative ways to do it from the comfort and safety of their own home. A home rowing machine can be a great way to strengthen your core and doing it from home means you can easily set it up in front of the TV and watch your favorite shows while you work out, making it much more enjoyable. Check out these options that fit any budget

Work Out With a Buddy:

Whether you’re working out with a family member at home to meet your fitness goals together or meeting up at the gym with a friend, working out with somebody else is always much more fun compared to doing it on your own. Making working out a fun and social occasion that you can do with somebody else will push you to keep going and have you looking forward to working out for the social aspects of it. If you’re in a relationship, working out with your significant other can be a great way to stay fit together and strengthen your relationship at the same time. 


Core strengthening exercises aren’t all about doing sit-ups and crunches. in fact, dancing can be a really fun and enjoyable way to boost your core strength and have fun at the same time. Consider joining a local Zumba class where you won’t just be working out your core but your entire body or get a console game like Just Dance where you can dance at home and improve your fitness at the same time. You could even turn it into a fun competition with your family. 

Try Trampolining:

Getting a trampoline for your back yard or heading to a local trampoline park if they are open in your area can be a great way to build core strength while having fun at the same time. When you’re trampolining, you need to build your core strength to jump harder, and controlling your balance works your core in ways that you might not have even realized. 

Set Yourself a Challenge:

When you’re challenging yourself to beat your own record or meet a certain goal, exercising can become more fun. Some core strengthening exercises like planks, sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, side-planks, reverse crunches, and mountain climbers might not be all that much fun on their own, but if you’re challenging yourself to beat your last record or even having a friendly competition with a relative or friend to see who can do the most, you can turn it into a more fun and competitive experience. You might even want to sign up for a fundraiser where you ask people to sponsor you to do a certain number of core exercises in a month or week, while you raise money for a good cause. 

Core strengthening exercises can be a lot of fun, with exercises like trampolining and dancing excellent ways to improve your core muscles. 

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