5 Ways to Help Skin Look Younger

Updated on June 3, 2020

Growing older influences how you look. The skin on your face may start to look like its drooping because it loses its muscle tone. Also, it becomes thinner and your jowls may start to sag. When you get older, expect that fine lines and wrinkles will become more visible to your face. If you are often exposed to sunlight and stress, expect that these effects can get worse.  

However, you can fight the changes of aging with some natural solutions that do not require using questionable treatments or having surgery. If done properly and regularly, these natural solutions will slow down the effects of aging on your skin and ensure that you look young even as you age.

Change Diet

A diet that is high in fatty acids and proteins is one that is good for your skin. You should include foods like oily fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds, along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Diets that are low in fats and amino acids can be bad for the skin and cause it to sag.

You will also want to reduce your consumption of foods with a high glycemic index to maintain a younger appearance. Eat mostly whole foods in their natural state rather than foods that are processed to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

As much as possible, avoid oily foods since this can only trigger acne breakouts. If you want to enjoy younger-looking skin as you age, start disciplining yourself to choose healthy meals over processed foods. Sure, making the switch can be tough, but when you understand what is at stake, you will have the motivation to start and continue making the change. 

Exercise Facial Muscles

You can keep most of your body’s muscle tone and taut to reduce the effects of age. By exercising your facial muscles, you can keep them from sagging or growing stiff due to lack of use.  These are very simple exercises that don’t require any experience or equipment. You can do any of these during your lunch break at work, or when you’re stuck in the middle of heavy traffic. 

Try these two exercises for your face muscles.

  1. To build up sagging muscles, look in the mirror and smile as broadly as possible with your lips closed and the corners turning up. Imagine trying to touch your ears with the corners of your lips.
  2. This exercise helps to firm your cheek muscles. Wrinkle your nose to move your cheeks upwards. Hold them for five seconds, then relax your cheeks for a moment. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Take Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the main structural protein in your body. It helps make your skin elastic, allowing it to bounce back into shape. However, as you get older, the body produces less collagen, which plays a role in saggy skin. To help reduce sagginess and help your skin bounce back, you can take collagen supplements.

Collagen pills have several benefits, such as:

  • Reduces cellulite and wrinkles
  • It provides your skin with more elasticity
  • It can strengthen brittle or thin finger and toenails
  • Collagen supports healthy joints
  • Collagen can strengthen your immune system

There are many collagen products available in the market today, which is why choosing one can be tough. This is especially true if you’re buying one for the first time. To make things easier for you, set an appointment with the best dermatologist in Orlando or in your locality. These individuals are experts when it comes to skin health and asking for their help will ensure that you’ll end up buying collagen that is perfect for your needs. 

Stop Smoking

Smoking tobacco is detrimental to your health in many ways, and it can make you look older. When you smoke, your skin is drier, which makes it look older because it gives you more wrinkles, taking with it its vibrancy, giving it a discolored appearance.

It does this by replacing the oxygen in your body with carbon monoxide. Also, smoking depletes nutrients, including vitamin C, in your body. This causes your skin to be vulnerable because Vitamin C helps it protect and repair itself. 

If you do not want any of these to happen, quit smoking as soon as possible or don’t think of starting the habit. Smoking might be a stress reliever for some, but this can take a toll on your skin health in a lot of ways. 

Exfoliate Skin Two to Three Times a Week

Exfoliating the skin gets rid of dead skin cells that build upon your face, which can make you appear older. As we age, the skin renews itself less often, so more dead skin cells build up and cause the skin to look drier, allows small wrinkles to appear and cause some discoloration.

However, by using a facial scrub, soft-bristled brush, or an exfoliating cleanser, you can renew your skin by getting rid of any dead skin cells on it. You can choose from a wide variety of exfoliating products today, making the treatment easy and cheap. With the right products, you can exfoliate at home weekly. Do not overdo exfoliating, though, because you could end up damaging your skin.

In Conclusion

By using these easy methods, you can take care of your skin and give it a younger, more vibrant appearance without surgery or using harsh chemical peels on it.

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