5 Ways to Decrease Dark Circles without Surgery


No matter who you are, no one likes dark circles under their eyes. Whether you have them from lack of sleep, genetics or an allergic reaction to dairy products; the result is the same. You end up looking tired, overworked and simply not your best. It’s a common problem that, thanks to modern medicine, is easily fixable, without surgery. 

Before we discuss the ways to fix the dark circles without surgery, we need to discuss the reasons dark circles form in the first place. While some causes are easily remedied, others will be less so. Regardless of whether or not they are due to natural causes, trying all the treatments may give you a better overall result in the end. 

  • Lack of good sleep-Inadequate sleep is the number one cause of dark circles. Oftentimes people think that eight hours is great sleep, but it depends on how you spend that sleep. If your sleep is constantly broken up, it might be better to get four or five hours of uninterrupted sleep than trying to get those eight with lots of interruptions. Afterall, research shows that a short amount of sleep is better than interrupted sleep. 
  • Genetics-Whether you like it or not your genetics have a lot to do with whether or not you’ll be more likely to suffer from dark circles under your eyes. Unfortunately, until we can pick and choose our genes, we’re left to fate when it comes to being plagued by puffiness, dark circles and bags under our eyes. 
  • Melanin production-Would you believe that the color of your hair, skin and eyes is all based on a chemical in your body called, melanin? The darker your skin, the more melanin your body produces. An increase in melanin under the eyes will result in the dark circles we all dread. 
  • Aging-no one likes to admit it, but we’re all getting older. It’s the one great equalizer and no one gets to escape it. Aging causes all sorts of interesting changes in our bodies, but when we hit middle age, somewhere around the age of 40 our bodies go through changes that damage our skin. The development of dark circles can be one of these changes, right alongside graying hair and noticeable wrinkles. 
  • Itchy Eyes-Sometimes your eyes itch, so you rub or scratch at them. Dark circles can be a result of damaging the tender skin that forms the bottom eyelid and skin around the bottom eye socket. 

Let’s Fix It

Fixing dark circles without surgery might seem daunting, but when you know what causes the problem, you can easily learn how to solve the problem. Some of the remedies we’ll discuss are easy to implement and won’t cost you a dime. Others can be a considerable investment depending on your personal financial status, but each offers a reliable option for reducing and decreasing dark circles under the eyes without surgery. 

  • Catch Some Z’s-Getting adequate sleep is the first key to reducing and eliminating dark circles under your eyes without needing cosmetic treatment to help you out. And remember, it’s not just about the amount of sleep you get but the sleep quality. Getting uninterrupted sleep is most important. Some studies have even shown that elevating the head during sleep helps greatly reduce the look of dark circles around the eyes. 
  • Vitamins and MineralsSome studies have shown that both Vitamin C and Vitamin K can play a large role in helping to control the effects of dark circles under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is extremely sensitive to pigmentation changes so increasing your vitamins may help strengthen the tender nature of your under-eye skin. 
  • Turn Back the Clock-While none of us can undo the aging process, there are ways to reduce the signs of aging. Before you pull out your wallet, however, there are definitely different levels of age defying treatments available on the market today. The first, outside sleep and good nutrition is eye serum or eye cream. These serums can generally run anywhere from $20 to $100 a bottle and even higher. That being said, it may take a few tries before you find the right one for both your skin and your budget.
  • Food for Thought-Nutrition is one of the easiest remedies for dark circles, particularly cucumbers and tomatoes. Both have properties that can greatly affect the dark circles under your eyes. Even if you don’t want to eat them, you can slice a cucumber and chill them in the fridge. When they’re nice and cold you can apply them to your eyes to help plump up your skin and return some much-needed hydration to your skin. 
  • Achoo!-Sometimes where we live and what we eat can adversely affect the way our bodies behave. Both seasonal and food allergies can result in increasing occurrences of dark circles under your eyes. Learning what you’re allergic to and avoiding it may greatly decrease the days you wake up with dark circles and need exterior treatment. 
  • Teatime-Even if you don’t like caffeinated beverages, the benefits of caffeine to your skin, especially the tender skin under your eyes, have been proven and are likely to make a world of difference when it comes to reducing your dark circles. So, take the time to research the best caffeine patches and creams for topical use and gently apply to those under eye areas that honestly could use our undivided attention a little more often. 

No matter why you’re suffering from dark circles and general puffiness under your eyes, the suffering is enough. If you want to avoid surgical treatments, give the above suggestions a few tries to see if you might just be able to get rid of them without going under the knife. And even if you don’t currently suffer from dark circles under your eyes; getting rest, good hydration and proper nutrition is always great advice, no matter what that malady is that’s causing you trouble. Choosing a treatment option isn’t always easy, but with these tips and tricks, getting rid of your under eye circles without surgery is easier than ever.