5 Ways to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Updated on April 27, 2022

Erectile dysfunction can happen to men at any stage in life, particularly if there are underlying health problems. You might feel embarrassed about speaking to a medical professional, but they can aid you with this issue, as well as to help you combat any emotional or mental strain that it causes you. 

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Until you have spoken to a medical professional, here are five ways you could help yourself. While these won’t get rid of any underlying health problems that may be causing you dysfunction, they will improve the overall health of your body, which can go a long way to supporting any recovery.

Quit Smoking

Smoking doesn’t simply damage your lungs and make you smell bad. It can also have a large impact on your sex life. Not only will some prospective partners be put off by the lingering odor, you will also be decreasing your sperm count and harming your erections. Quitting smoking can have a positive effect on your body after just 20 minutes, so it is worth a shot. 

Drink Water

Water is essential to the human body. If you are dehydrated, your body will tell you. This may come in a form you’re used to, such as a dry mouth or chapped lips. However, a lack of hydration can also cause problems with your erections. Regardless of any problems, you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day for optimum health. 

Healthy Eating

To be able to get, and maintain, an erection, you need to ensure your body is adequately fed. Any nutritional intake is used as fuel for your body. Without a balanced diet, your body will start sending you signals that it needs better food. Erectile dysfunction can be one of these signals. 

The easiest way to combat this is to eat well-rounded meals, getting plenty of protein and iron. Reducing your calories and any junk food can also be a good way of ensuring you are in good health. If your calorific intake is too high, you run the risk of weight gain, as well as other problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. You also may find yourself out of breath easily. All these can cause extra problems with your erection.


The body also requires the right amount of exercise to stay healthy. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes per day. This can help you with any erectile problems, as well as combat other problems, like obesity and even some mental health problems. You don’t need to join a gym or over-exert yourself. Even basic exercises can help your body to remain healthy. 

Being such a common problem, you should be able to open up about your dysfunction to a healthcare practitioner as well as your partner. With proper support and guidance, you may be able to combat this and resume any sexual activity. 

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