5 Unknown Facts About Basic Herbs

Updated on September 14, 2021

Herbs have been in existence for quite a while, and they have helped humanity for centuries. For one, all sorts of herbs can provide many health benefits. People, both young and old, use all kinds of herbs for various reasons. The best part about herbs is that they are all natural. Thus, they don’t damage your body in any way.

Additionally, many people use it to spice up their best foods and excite their taste buds. There are thousands of herbs, but some are extremely common.

Five of the most common herbs are basil, cilantro, mint, oregano, and Kratom. Even though they’re familiar, many people still don’t know what they do or other valuable and interesting facts about them. That said, below are unknown facts about these five essential herbs.

  1. Basil has several variants 

When you talk about basil, many people tend to think about the everyday, mainstream variant available in many stores around you. However, there are many other forms of variants that all provide unique effects on the body. You can find Cinnamon basil in Mexico, and it consists of a delightful and savory scent. It also has pink flowers and purple leaves, making them easy to distinguish. 

African blue basil green purple leaves, and is peppery and minty. You can use it to make an amazing pesto. Lettuce basil is perfect for salads, as it has large leaves that can quickly be processed thanks to its wrinkles. Have you ever tried or heard of the stir-fried chicken and basil dish? The basil used in that dish is called the holy basil, and it tastes fantastic in Thai dishes. As you may expect, there are many other variants of basil, but the four above are the most common. 

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  1. Kratom has a controversial history

Although people can now use Kratom for various purposes, it wasn’t always that way. Kratom had a very controversial past, as governments have gone back and forth regarding its legality. A few years ago, the United States banned this herb in almost all its states, but government officials have since begun to reverse those bans. They only agreed to this due to the argument regular Kratom users made. They said that this drug is beneficial for their physical and mental health and well-being. Some reports have backed this up to be true. 

This herb comes from the mitragyna speciosa, which is a tree you can find in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the tree are what people use, as it provides psychoactive effects. If you’re looking for where to buy Kratom in Canada, don’t fret. There are presently many places you can find Kratom in Canada, such as online or offline stores.

  1. There’s a genetic reason why you either love or hate cilantro

There is no doubt that cilantro is one of the most common herbs in the world. As you may already expect, it provides whoever uses it with a lot of health benefits. Additionally, many people use it in the kitchen to add spice to their favorite meals. However, as common as it is, there are still a good number of people that have a strong dislike. Some people describe this herb as lemony and bright, while others say this drug has a negative and soapy taste.

Interestingly, science has explained these extreme views. In 2012, scientists studied the olfactory senses in 30,000 people. They found out that a gene in people’s olfactory senses in their brains increases their sensitivity to certain substances and foods. This discovery means that while some people have no problem with cilantro, others can’t get over its characteristic odor. Luckily, this can change over time. If you don’t like your experience with cilantro but would like to try again, a suggestion is to crush the leaves before eating them. 

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  1. Mint is a symbol of hospitality

When you think of mint, you would most likely think of it as a toothpaste or gum flavor. However, mint has a more critical role to play in society. For centuries, many people regarded mint to be a symbol of hospitality. People rubbed mint on their tables to show hospitality and to usher in someone in Ancient Greece. To date, people serve mint tea to their guests when they arrive as a sign of hospitality.

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  1. Oregano was unpopular for a long time 

Many people use oregano now. However, that wasn’t always the case. This herb was very unpopular in the United States until after the Second World War. Some soldiers discovered the herb in enemy territory during the war and decided to bring it back with them. People in this enemy territory were oblivious to the usefulness of oregano at the time. Now, it is famous worldwide, and people use it for various purposes. 

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Final Words

Herbs are amazing. Without them, scientists won’t have developed many medicines, as they are the backbone of any medicinal breakthrough. Some of them make people feel better, while some are fantastic spices to add to your food. That said, this article has helped shed light on some unknown facts about five of the most common herbs in the world.