5 Tips to Get Relief from Arthritis

Updated on December 25, 2019

The pain associated with arthritis can cripple and render you unable to do anything. Arthritis is not one condition. It is a combination of several degenerative conditions. It not only causes pain but also stiffness. Globally, this condition affects close to 60 million people. The good news is the pain associated with the condition is manageable. Below are a few tips to give you relief from this debilitating condition.

Losing weight

Weight affects the level of arthritis-related pain that you feel. The heavier you are the more intense the pain will be. Any extra weight increases the pressure on the body’s joints. The most affected parts of the body are the feet, hips, and knees. Losing weight is an excellent solution for reducing stress on the joints. As that happens, your mobility improves. Losing weight also decreases pain while stopping more damage to the joints. 

Exercise more

Exercising seems a bit counterproductive when you want to reduce pain in your joints. The truth is it helps a lot. Exercises allow you to maintain flexibility. The more you exercise the more flexible your joints grow. Two types of exercises you should avoid are running and walking. Swimming and water aerobics are much better here. Any low-impact exercise, which doesn’t stress the joints too much, also works perfectly, or you can use red light pain relief Solio therapy  as well. 

Applying hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy are simple tools but with proven potency. Arthritis leaves joints with plenty of stiffness. In the morning, you can address this by taking long, warm baths or showers. An electric blanket takes the stiffness and pain away at night. Moist heating pads work as well at night. Red light therapy also helps. Cold treatments are effective too. These types of treatments are effective at relieving: 

– Joint pain

– Swelling

– Inflammation 


To the untrained eye, acupuncture sounds painful. But it provides complete relief from arthritis-related pain. It serves two purposes. One, it reroutes energies. Two, it restores the body’s balance. Find a qualified and experienced acupuncturist to proffer the treatment, though. Otherwise, an unlicensed person administering this procedure on you could worsen your pain. 

Using meditation 

Meditation helps arthritis patients to cope with their pain. It keeps the body in a calm state. This relaxation technique reduces stress. It blocks pain from reaching your mind. The mind feels the brunt of the pain associated with this disease. You can cope with anything as long as you have the requisite mental fortitude. Meditation brings you to the point where nothing controls or has any power over you.

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