5 Reasons to Consider Pursuing a Masters In Public Health

Updated on March 1, 2021
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Photo Credit: Vasily Koloda (Unsplash)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of public health as an essential discipline for managing a human disaster. If you have a background in the sciences or medicine and are contemplating pursuing a Masters in Public Health, you probably don’t need much more motivation than having lived through this pandemic. However, there are many good reasons to pursue further studies in public health where you learn more about epidemiology, skills for administration of health services, and healthcare planning. If a Masters in Public Health is something that is on your academic radar, here are a few reasons why you might want to take the plunge and enroll in the course today: 

You’ll Make a Difference to Society

Pursuing a Masters in Public Health can put you in a position to help society in a tangible way. For instance, the type of work you end up doing upon completion of your studies could increase life expectancy, reduce infant mortality or prevent the spread of infectious diseases. There’s a good chance that you could end up saving lives when armed with a Masters degree. 

There Will Be a Broad Range of Career Options Available to You

Completing a Masters in Public Health prepares students for a huge variety of jobs in the healthcare sector and beyond. Some of the career paths commonly pursued after obtaining this type of degree include healthcare administration, project management in healthcare, disaster management, and epidemiology. With the option to pursue an accredited master of public health program online, you’ll be able to study and work simultaneously which means that you could potentially have some solid work experience under your belt by the time you graduate. 

You’ll Never Get Bored

Once you’ve got a Master in Public Health, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge in many ways in order to keep your career interesting. In addition to the medical and scientific fields that have already been discussed, you could also opt to venture into medical journalism, grant writing or political science. You may even decide to pursue the subject matter further in the form of a PhD. 

There Will Be Opportunities to Travel

We live in a highly globalized world where health problems know no national borders. Public health also encompasses global health, which studies the trends on a global scale. The training you receive as part of your courses will give graduates the credentials to apply for exciting international assignments. 

Great Earning Potential 

The earning potential of public health graduates varies tremendously, given the broad range of career options available. While financial remuneration isn’t a motivating factor for everyone, it’s good to know that pursuing particular paths after obtaining your Masters degree could lead to great financial packages. For instance, healthcare policy analysts and biostatisticians are known to earn particularly well. 

The reasons for pursuing a career in the field of public health are numerous, but pursuing a Masters degree in the field will certainly open up new doors for you. Not only will it deepen your understanding of the subject matter, but it will expose you to a broad range of exciting career opportunities in this dynamic area. 

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