5 Questions to Ask a Potential Personal Fitness Trainer

Updated on August 25, 2020

Do you have trouble staying motivated to work out?

Would you be more likely to work out regularly if you had someone encouraging you and making sure your exercise regimen was on point with your fitness goals?

It can be hard to motivate yourself. But Thomas Schelling, a Nobel prize-winning economist theorized you can increase your chance of success by making it harder for you to back out. 

This is one reason why so many people have more success when they hire a personal fitness trainer to help them meet their goals. Trainers require payment in advance.

Here’s what to ask your potential trainers the right questions to determine if they are the right fit for you.

1. What Is Their Experience?

Once you find your trainer, explain to your potential personal trainer why you are seeking their help. For example, let them know if you want to compete in a marathon, or if you want to lose weight, try a product like meticore, or if you need to modify your fitness routine due to any injury, etc.

Then ask the trainer to tell you about their relevant experience and success in helping others in your position meet their goals. What you want to hear is information about certifications/accreditations they have earned and specifics about their work experience with real people. 

2. Do They Teach in Your Preferred Environment?

Ask them to describe what type of workouts they believe would be best for you to start with. Would they be working with you in a gym or outside or a mix of both? Are they open to accommodate you if your preference is different than theirs? If it’s in a gym, do they have an air conditioner such as blaux air conditioner to keep the room cool?

Request for them to describe their training style. Do they teach in the boot camp style or more laid back with more gentle encouragement? 

Would they be willing to let you watch them train another person so you can see their style in action?

3. Do They Understand Nutrition?

The folks at FITHAUS stress the importance of tailoring your diet plan to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need to sustain your body during workouts and recovering afterward.

So ask your trainer for details about their knowledge of nutrition and to explain what their guidelines would be for you. If you prefer relying on whole foods but they like to rely on supplements and protein powder (or vice versa), you may not be compatible. 

4. How Much Do They Charge?

At this point, you’ll have a better idea of the trainer’s experience. And they will understand your situation and can suggest how often you’d need to meet with them to meet your goals. 

Ask them what they would charge per session or a group of sessions. If the price is outside of your budget, ask if they offer group lessons that would bring the price down a bit.  

5. Is Their Availability Compatible for You?

A good personal trainer is likely booked pretty solid. So you’ll need to make sure your potential trainer is available at times your schedule allows. 

Ask if they are available and how they handle schedule changes if something comes up and you can’t meet as planned.  

Take Steps to Find Your Personal Fitness Trainer

Finding the perfect personal fitness trainer may require a few interviews with trainers available in your area. So do some research and start reaching out today so you can get started on your fitness journey.

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