5 Problems You Might Encounter Traveling With a Slavic Girl

Updated on March 22, 2023

Spending a few weekends with potential Slavic brides is one thing, but traveling and being together daily is quite another. When soul mates meet, love is in the air. Butterflies float in both tummies, and everyone is elated. With time, plans are made to travel, see the world, and possibly visit her folks in her native land. These plans are dreamy until the rubber meets the road.

Problems or Perceptions?

Could it be that your perceptions are skewed, or are these real problems? Sometimes, challenges faced when we finally link up are normal, and a way of bonding. However, traveling with sexy Slavic brides can be overwhelming, depending on purpose and personalities. Let’s dive into a few challenges faced by sexy Slavic brides and their partners.


Believe it or not, being with sexy Slavic brides is not as glamorous as we dream it to be. They will give you awesome company, but envious dudes are everywhere. Keep in mind that Slavic women are exceedingly attractive, and most men and women would love to date them. Once you are traveling with one of these sexy Slavic brides, eyes are constantly on you. It might seem alluring at first, but eventually, it will become annoying – especially when men ogle her constantly.


Being with her all the time can be stressful, whether she is attractive or not. In this case, you are traveling with Slavic brides, meaning they are hot. However, stress builds up when you realize chatting and flirting online is different from being together constantly. It is great for building a foundation for a possible long-term relationship. However, we are human and with time, it boils over. Stress leads to fights and unfortunately, you might learn you aren’t compatible after all.


If you travel with Slavic girl, they might have family tag along. This is never cool. It implies someone is keeping an eye on you or has ulterior motives. Family members can be annoying, and with siblings, things can become awkward. Slavic woman are family-oriented, meaning the chances of traveling with loved ones are high. Brace yourself for question and answer sessions along the way. Stress builds up further if you are heading to visit her parents. Picture the anxiety along the way knowing how serious Russian parents and extended family are. It might make you turn around and head back.


Traveling together means some interests must be shared. If she loves the outdoors and you are simply there for the ride, it is another ball game. A long journey means compromises must be made. Perhaps she wants to stop at several stations and visit museums on the way there. On the other hand, you would rather see the ride through. This lack of compatibility or compromise can be challenging. It almost inevitably leads to a breakup before reaching your destinations. Dating and being in love with Slavic is cool online, but on the ground, things can be different.

Lowered Expectations

There is a huge chance she isn’t what you expected, in terms of personality. Also, you could be one lacking charisma. Either way, traveling together opens up this incompatibility, based on traits. What you see online might not be the same when you meet. We all set too high expectations of Slavic brides, only to find out she’s too shy, arrogant, too social, or boasts too many boyfriends. High expectations can make travel hard. She’s too loud on the train, flirts with everyone, or meets boyfriends from her past along the way. Travelling can be challenging, and lowering expectations is important.

Lowered expectations mean one is rarely disappointed, at least not mad. If things don’t turn out as expected, at least you had arm candy along the way. Cheers to dating more Slavic brides in the future. 

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