5 Myths About Sleep That Are Unbelievably True

Updated on January 20, 2021

Did you know that there are some myths about sleeping that may seem entirely made up but are in fact true? From losing weight while you sleep to aging backwards, we’re here to uncover the myths that make sleep a powerful tool for a more profitable, pleasurable, and prettier life. 

1. You can lose weight when you sleep

Do you suffer from a slow metabolism, and always seem to hold onto those extra pounds? Your sleep habits could be the reason. Not getting enough sleep (less than 7-9 hours a night) can wreak havoc on your cortisol levels (your stress hormone) which control the ability to burn your energy fuel supply (aka fat).

When we’re tired (and don’t get enough sleep), our body goes into energy search mode. This can make you feel hungry and seek out quick-fix energy sources (like sugary-carb-delicious foods). Instead of being processed into insulin (managing your blood sugar levels), these foods are stored as an energy backup to help your brain through the restorative process during sleep. 

This essentially means your fat is just hanging around, slowing down your metabolism. (Eek!) So the next time you want to stay up a little later to binge your favorite Netflix show, think thin and get to bed on time. 

2. A nap can help you catch up on sleep after a late night

Had a late night due to nagging deadlines (or a sneaky Netflix binge)? Don’t stress, a 20-30 minute afternoon nap (before 3pm) can help you catch up on those lost hours. 

Naps are a short-term (note: short-term) solution to a late night as they can help refuel your energy supplies and get you back to feeling refreshed and entirely focused on tackling the rest of your day. However, if you’re staying up much later than usual (for more than one night), you may have to put into practice a sleep debt repayment schedule to get your body clock back in sync. 

3. Sleep makes you more beautiful

Not only can sleep make you (more) beautiful, but it can also turn back the clock on aging. (Say what?)! When you’re asleep, your skin is set to restoration mode. Collagen, which is the key ingredient your body has in fighting the aging process is hard at work detoxifying, replenishing, and yup, being that anti-aging fairy.

But we’re sure you’ve also noticed that when someone hasn’t had their regular sleep fix, that their appearance is more fatigued, less attractive, duller, and less healthy than usual? That’s why allowing your body and skin to get its glow-on during beauty sleep is the key to leading a more glamorous life.

4. You can make money while you sleep

Ok, so this has nothing to do with your sleep perse but what can be accomplished during your 7 – 9 hours of shuteye. Let’s call it, passive income. Passive income strategies are on the rise, and that’s all thanks to the rapidly changing world we see ourselves in. 

We’re finding new ways to automate our incomes, be it online course creation, affiliated marketing on your website, or investing in crowdfunded real estate, the opportunities to pull in some dollar bills. 

At the same time, we’re asleep are growing fast. But because we’re sleep experts, we’ll add that getting quality sleep to keep your innovative mind activated is most definitely the key in knowing what opportunities will bring in the dollars. 

5. Having an orgasm before bed helps you fall asleep faster

Oh yes! If you’re one of the many of us that can’t get to sleep because of a restless mind, we suggest giving your mind something more pleasurable to focus on (that unlike stress, will put you to sleep before you can say O-M-G).

When you orgasm, your body releases prolactin, making you feel sleepy and relaxed and lower your stress hormones (cortisol). If you’re making it a shared experience, you can also release oxytocin that makes you feel secure and connected to your partner. (But doing it alone has the same benefit too.) All of the above leads to a perfect recipe for some rapid shuteye and good quality sleep. 

So there you have it, 5 unbelievable myths about sleep that are entirely true. Welcome to the wonderful world of sleep!

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