5 Muscle Building Meals For Your Keto Diet

Updated on July 26, 2019

Short for the ketogenic diet, your keto diet is a one which contains high-fat content but is relatively low on carbs. Hence, it is largely similar to low carb diets. In the planning phase of the keto diet, the presence of carbohydrate is largely restricted. Fat then occupies a large majority of the space or void left by the absence of carbohydrate.

Some might argue that this is a risky and unhealthy diet plan. On the contrary, a keto diet has been shown to have more than a few health benefits and the list keeps getting longer with the passage of time and deeper studies into its intricacies.

A keto diet` benefits to the body hinge majorly on the body` ability to carry out the process of ketosis. Ketosis refers to a metabolic state of the body where instead of energy being sourced from carbs, the body then produces energy from ketone bodies gotten from fat. The state of ketosis is naturally induced in the body when an individual begins to consume a diet very low in carb content but considerably high in fat ketogenic components.

The thing about using the Keto diet is that there are some tasty and best keto meal replacement shakes in the Market today. 

Typical examples of fast food and homemade carbs.

Generally, a keto diet has been found to be healthy and extremely useful in the reduction of insulin levels and lowering of blood sugar. But now there is a dilemma of a sort. It is general knowledge that carbs are a necessity if one wants to begin bodybuilding. But are carbs really a necessity?

Although keto diets are known by most to be healthy, very few are aware that some keto dieting systems exist that could assist in bodybuilding in the place of carbs. We will be discussing just 5 of the available keto diets that could prove to be useful to those on a keto diet who are interested in bodybuilding.

But before I proceed it would be vital to note that this process of bodybuilding while on a ketogenic diet is a natural process and is relatively slow hence, patience is extremely needed. This body building process while on a keto diet would require the intake of sufficient amount of protein and food that will provide you with an enormous amount of calories (based on your schedule and current biometric profile, such as height weight, etc.).

We will list the main courses first followed by a list of available side dishes from which you could choose.

Beef: There are various methods through which you could prepare the beef but in this case, it would be preferred if you roasted the beef. With an adequate quantity of roasted beef, your source of protein for a few days could be covered.

Steak: Ribeye steak is another wonderful source and it is much loved and appreciated among keto dieters because of its juicy taste and nutritional values. The ribeye steak could be seared in bacon fat before being seared at low heat. Reverse seared ribeye steak is not a bad option at this point.

Eggs with Steak: It is a wonderful combination if prepared properly. The combination serves as an enticing culinary delight and more importantly, it serves as a combination of protein and fat.

No-Mayo Cilantro Chicken Salad: Coconut cream is a preferred choice for this dish. The mixture or combination of the coconut cream and chicken is another exquisite culinary delight. But more importantly, the mixture of chicken and coconut cream contains an astonishing amount of fat and protein from the two ingredients respectively.

Keto Baked Salmon (Containing Butter and Lemon): This is another culinary treat. It could simply be just baked salmon but the addition of butter and lemon gives it a unique taste. So instead of just protein, now you also have a considerable amount of fat from the butter. Do not let your imaginary impression of the dish hinder you if you are ready you would be completely done with it in about 30 minutes (recipe found here).

Proteins such as chicken and steak are good bodybuilders and can be taken as part of your keto diet.

Then you now have a variety of side dishes to choose from. But we would only consider 3 out of all the available side dishes. They include:

·         A Healthy Plate of Green Soup: This would be a superb companion for the reverse seared ribeye steak.

·         Mashed Turnip: The mashed turnip is easy and pretty much straight forward in preparation. You just need your vegetables, Himalayan sea salt and grass-fed butter.

·         Roasted Broccoli Florets: Preparation of a side dish does not get any easier than this.

So, just bear in mind that as you stick to your keto diet and also have plans to build your muscles, you would need a sufficient amount of quality fat to be used by your body in form of calories as fuel.

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