5 Money Tips to Get Through Medical School

Updated on March 24, 2020

Medical school can be time-consuming, making it harder to earn money on the side. Whilst student life can be difficult at times, and you may have to cut back on the nights out and takeaways, there are ways to be smart with your money during your time at medical school (or nursing school for the matter). Read on as we discuss a few tips.

Buy Used

When starting your course, you may have been given a list of books that you are supposed to read which will help for working in practice and for exams. These books are given to you for a reason, and lecturers will look in your references to see if you have read and used what they have suggested. The best way to save money here is to purchase used books from former medical students. You may even be lucky enough to find some books in the library. 

Be Aware of Council Tax Rules

If you are a student, did you know you aren’t supposed to pay council tax? If you live in a student house with other medical students, this means you can avoid paying council tax when you let your local council know you are a student. This can save a lot on bills each month. Be careful if you live with someone who isn’t a student though, as then you are only eligible for a discount on council tax, rather than no payment at all. 

Cycle to Placements

If you want to improve your own physical fitness and travel to placements without the cost, choosing to cycle is the best option to reduce bills. Parking at hospitals can be a nightmare and fuel costs over time can add up significantly. If you are close enough to cycle into work, many of the main hospitals have cycle to work schemes to help you in purchasing a bike. Most also have a bike shed, to keep your bike safe when working. 

Look for Discounts

Now that you are a student, you should take full advantage of all the student discounts available to you. Not only this, but NHS discounts are readily available in most restaurants and takeaways too, with companies such as Dominos offering a huge 50% off for NHS staff. Other places you can take advantage of working for the NHS include Nandos, Apple, and Halfords. 

Consider a Loan

Sometimes, unexpected costs occur, and if you have an important exam coming up, working more just isn’t an option. Medical school can be stressful enough without your car breaking down or an unexpected medical bill from a loved one, so choosing a loan can be a quick solution that can be paid off as quickly as you want. If you only need a few weeks to concentrate on your exam before you can put in some extra shifts, a loan may be the perfect option for you. SimplePersonalLoans offer loans to suit you, depending on how much you want to borrow, and how long for. 

These money tips can help you with saving money where it matters most when going through medical school. 

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