5 Innovative Physician Recruitment Strategies

Updated on March 15, 2021

The physician shortage is an ongoing concern in the healthcare system. A more strategic approach to recruitment can help establishments retain an optimal candidate. Recruiters can rely on physician recruitment platforms to cast out a wider net for candidates. 

However, filling a physician job opening should be more than just a number game. By automating specific stages employers can manage the process better from start to finish. It is also important to highlight the human element throughout the proceedings. Create opportunities for candidates to interact with other staff members to learn more about the culture at the workplace. 

1. Expand Your Outreach

When looking for a physician to fill an open position, you need to make sure that your announcement reaches as many candidates as possible. A surefire way to do this is to rely on a physicians recruitment platform. 

Such platforms draw in physicians who are looking for a new job opportunity. It is easy to browse through the thousands of jobs available on the market since they are all centralized. Make sure that your announcement will stand out. Keep things short and simple while highlighting the most important aspects. Also, mention what separates this employment opportunity from other ones currently on the market. 

Of course, you can and should still post openings on your healthcare facilities website and even social media pages. This is a great way to reach those who already know you. What is more, your social media post could be shared by people following you. The more you branch out with your recruiting, the more options you will have for a prima candidate.

2. Automate Stages of the Recruitment Process

The more you expand with your recruitment, the more difficult it will be to manage the process. An easy way to solve this is to automate specific stages. Recruiters can implement applicant tracking systems to stay organized. These allow users to centralize data, make notes on candidates, and in some cases, access their conversation history. What is more, this makes it easier to keep the management up to date with proceedings. 

3. Go Beyond the Compensation Package

The compensation package is a focal point during the interview for many physicians as they are looking for a generous offer beyond monetary compensation. This is something that can sway their final decision. Recruiters should have a well-thought-out compensation plan but leave some room for negotiation with great candidates.

When a promising candidate comes along, additional benefits can be an effective way to win them over. Younger applicants may be swayed by a loan forgiveness program, while physicians coming from out of state will appreciate a relocation package.

However, one essential aspect for candidates that often escapes recruiters is mentorship. Particularly young physicians are driven to learn as much as possible from their more experienced colleagues and other experts. While this is possible to some degree during a regular work program, additional opportunities will be highly appreciated. 

4. Encourage Interaction With the Entire Team

When the candidate and recruiter sit down face to face, consider making the experience more integrative. The more memorable you make the meeting, the better chances that the candidate will choose your offer. A great way to help immerse them in the culture of your establishment is to give them a tour and the chance to interact with other employers. 

A quick walkthrough in the building can give them a general idea of the layout and the facilities. While talking to other staff members can be a great way to make them feel more comfortable and integrated into the community. Try to involve a figure of leadership to help the candidate feel truly appreciated and wanted.

Given the current ongoing pandemic, this aspect can be a bit trickier but not impossible. Recruiters can guide candidates through a virtual tour of the establishment and have selected staff members make short appearances during the call.

5. Involve the Candidate’s Family

A great way to establish a personal connection with a promising candidate is to involve their family in the meetings. This has now become a viable option because recruitment has migrated online for the duration of the pandemic. 

The family of a young candidate might nurture some concern about the job opportunity, especially if it is located in a different city. Having the chance to voice their concerns to the employers can help them settle their worries.

For candidates with families of their own, the recruiter should research opportunities for the partner and good schools for their children before the talk. If they have concrete examples and options, they might be more easily persuaded to start a new life. Also, make sure to convey that they will have your full support during the relocation process.

Strategy Pays Off

Taking an innovative approach to recruit will pay off in the long run. Strategies like using physician recruiting platforms or automating certain processes can help save time. Having a prime candidate come on board, you ensure the professional growth of the establishment. A great physician can have a significant impact on patient retention and revenue growth.

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