5 Health Advantages To Taking Probiotics

Updated on December 22, 2020

You’ve heard of that word before— “probiotics”. And we’re almost certain you’ve seen it labelled on a variety of consumable products which promote health. Rightly so. Here are the reasons why Ortho Biotic 60-count packs by Ortho Molecular needs to be added to your daily maintenance-regime, and why probiotics are a must for total well-being. 

Why Probiotics? 

1. Digestive System Stability 

This may be one of the most notable components of probiotics that most are aware of— that it encourages digestive health. And this is astute. Probiotics are live bacteria that help improve gut flora. 

Maintaining healthy gut flora is vital as these microorganisms live inside your digestive tract and are responsible for metabolising food and medicines. They act as a shield against intestinal infections. 

Probiotics will bring about gut balance to ward off “bad bacteria” and prevent them from wreaking havoc in your digestive tract. 

2. Diarrhea Control And Prevention 

In relation to number 1, probiotics are excellent in diminishing and/or eliminating the effects of diarrhoea. Several of the main causes of diarrhoea include infections from bacteria (i.e. contaminated food, drinks, etc.), pre-formed toxins, antibiotics and medications, allergies, and poor absorption of food. 

The effectiveness of probiotics will vary based on the severity of the diarrhoea itself, along with the health of the patient. Still, this good bacteria can definitely calm your gut and fight unstable bowel movement. 

3. Heart Health 

There are some studies which show how probiotics aid in levelling low-density lipoprotein, commonly known as LDL or “bad” cholesterol. It also aids with normalizing blood pressure. 

Though it should not be taken as a medication for “curing” these cardiovascular ailments, consistently taking probiotics may hinder bile from re-entering the gut. In doing so, it prevents bile from travelling into your bloodstream and polluting it. 

Furthermore, as a countermeasure against LDL, other studies reveal that it can increase high-density lipoprotein— LDL or “good” cholesterol. 

4. Mental Health 

Here’s a benefit that may surprise you— this live bacteria can assist in overall mental health. This is because researches tell us that gut health affects mood. Plus, regular intake of a particular strain of lactobacillus found in probiotics can lower feelings of anxiety, depression, and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It can even enhance your memory. 

5. Immune System Strength 

Finally, probiotics are reliable for boosting your immune system. Natural antibodies can be produced in the body, through constant and habitual consumption of probiotics. This characteristic of probiotics reinforces IgA-producing cells. Low levels of IgA have been tied to an increased probability of incurring chronic infections and diseases. 

ImmunoglobulinA cells are fighter soldiers that battle bacteria and viruses by neutralising them. Think of IgAs as a kind of “first-line of defence” for the immune system. 

Additionally, low levels of IgAs will have your body fail in regulating and/or modulating specific immune responses such as cell-mediation. This will negatively impact T cell lymphocytes, which are capable of destroying infected cells. Another benefit of this supplement— that its primary function of bettering gut flow and bacteria allows for the sustaining a kind of balance in the body’s immunity.

Our Thoughts 

We’ve stated earlier that probiotic supplements are not classified as “medication”. Having said that, it is an important supplement that will work towards general health and wellness. 

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