5 Expert Tips for Growing an Insurance Agency During the Pandemic

Updated on October 30, 2020
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Your insurance agency needs to attract new clients to grow—but we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Is all hope lost? Not so fast—you may be surprised to learn that many businesses are thriving and even expanding during COVID-19. This is especially true for insurance, as everyone still needs insurance coverage for their homes, cars, and health.

If your insurance company has had a tough year, we can help. Here are five ways to grow your agency during a pandemic.

1. Make Sure Your Insurance Agency Is on Social Media

During COVID, we spent a lot of time at home—often online or on social media. When growing an insurance agency during COVID-19, you need to make sure your agency is on social media, especially Facebook.

With a Facebook page, you can connect with a new audience. However, you can also run targeted ad campaigns online, designed to appeal to your target demographic.

2. Host Virtual Workshops for Potential Clients

If you can’t meet with people in person, connect online! Help new clients learn more about your great services via free virtual workshops or seminars.

Or, jump online and connect one-on-one with potential clients, getting to know them, and answering their questions. Personalized support during a tough year is sure to help your audience grow.

Services like Enrollment123 can help with marketing support to attract new clients to your workshops.

3. Focus on Home and Rental Insurance

Our homes have never been more important than this year, with so many people homeschooling, working from home, and trying to social distance.

In recognition of this, why not run a marketing campaign focusing on the importance of home and rental insurance to protect your belongings? It’s sure to resonate with people who have been spending so much time at home.

4. Improve Your Website’s SEO

Online shopping has increased massively this year, so if customers are searching online for insurance to purchase, you need to make sure they can find you easily.

To do this, you may need to improve your website’s SEO. It’s a complex task, but things like improving your website speed, starting a blog, or optimizing your images are good ways to get started.

5. Reach Out to Current Customers

To keep your agency growing, you need to attract new customers but also support your existing ones. Send a courtesy email or make a phone call to see how they’re doing during this challenging year.

It’s a thoughtful way of showing your valued customers that you’re thinking of them, and it may even result in a few referrals to their friends or family.

Use These Tips to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Despite a challenging year, there is still a booming need for insurance of all types. Use the tips above to help your insurance agency grow and thrive.

Developing a COVID marketing plan, taking into account the hard circumstances your customers have faced this year. Although it’s a year unlike any other, there are still plenty of ways to grow your agency and attract new customers.

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