5 Exercises for Thesis Writers

Updated on April 20, 2019

The benefits of workouts to our wellbeing are by now clear to us all. However, most of us limit practice to physical activities and leave out the vitality of intellectual growth. As a writer, there are many skills to muster, and thus you require practice to increase your prowess and rank highly.

To accelerate your development as a writer, writing exercises aimed at your skill level should come in handy. As a result of training, you can note your areas of weakness and work towards increasing your efficiency thus reaching optimal performance.

Since part of the exercises will require external output, it is vital to engage professional thesis writers; therefore, learning the ropes of writing and getting a better insight. Also, ensure that you frequently take exercises for writers and track your overall progress. Among the efficient exercises for essay writing include:

1. Alphabet Writing Exercise

Among the essential activities for thesis writers, alphabet writing ranks not only as the easiest but also the best for inducing your creative juices. To increase your writing skills and productivity, , learning as many words from each letter is of much essence.

Apart from maximizing your vocabulary, these writing exercise helps in clarity of speech; therefore, quitting redundancy in essays. For this exercise, start an essay and begin every sentence with words starting with a different alphabet.

For maximum benefits from this exercise, have a notebook and take down new words you come across. As you write, try to use these words in your essay ensuring that you don’t lose its meaning.  To familiarize with many formats of articles, practice on a broad array of themes, therefore, mustering their structures and methods of approach.

2. Writing from someone else’s perspective

Another excellent exercise for thesis writers is assuming the shoes of a professional in your field and writing from their perspective. Consider what the person subscribes to and try figuring their thought process out.

For instance, this individual may be a professor in specific fields, a lecturer or another expert in the area. What makes this an excellent exercise for thesis writers is the fact that it gets you from your typical thought process and allows you to tackle issues from various points of view.

When assuming the perspective of another person, you need to read as many articles from the individuals thus learning how they approach topics. After considering the individual’s method of approach, pick an item and write an essay applying elements you have learned from your model.

3. Headlining: randomly select a topic and brainstorm ideas

Creating a proper title and putting up great ideas to address various facts efficiently is perhaps the hardest part of writing. With regular practice, however, you can come up with a good strategy for addressing multiple questions.

By engaging in this exercise for thesis writers, you can hone your research skills thus saving time that you earlier on spent in research. For this, pick a random topic you come across and prepare a plan for your essay.

As a result of frequently doing this, you acquaint yourself with the sites for getting information and better essay planning.

4. Write a letter describing a topic

Increasing your drafting skills as a thesis writer means lesser research periods and more productive coverage of issues. Apart from buffing your research skills, writing a letter about your thesis works as a great exercise for writing concisely.

Here, pick a topic, find the supportive facts and write a letter plotting the overall flow of the letter. While writing the letter, cover all the questions in the assignment and state your stand on the topic.

To excel in drafting, time yourself and reduce the overall research time subsequently until you discover the least possible time you can use and do proper research.

5. Edit other people’s work

Among the things most insisted on, learning from other people’s mistakes is perhaps the most common. When it comes to writing, the advice is not a lesser truth. As opposed to self-criticism, correcting other people’s errors is less biased.

For editing exercises, pick a random article and scrutinize it for grammar and wordiness. Afterward, compare your findings with your essays and note the areas you could improve. To better your editing, have friends proofread your work and guide you on corrections. While at it, avoid bitter reactions as the revisions are not meant to mock you but refine your writing skills.

To make the most from your writing skills, being the best at your craft is of a must. By following the above tips, you can succeed in thesis writing and gain more credits. For assistance with writing and editing, engage high ranking thesis helpers thus improving your writing skills faster. Also, ensure that you carry the above exercises for writers regularly thus honing your thesis writing skills and speedily moving to higher ranks.

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