Updated on September 17, 2020

If you are thinking of starting a healthy diet plan but don’t know where to start, then this article is a guide to lead a healthy living. Many people believe that eating less food or consuming bland food is the only thing that will make you healthy. In contrast, it is not anything like that. Do not starve yourself in the name of “dieting”. A diet is a perfect balance of food. 

Hence, there should not be a strict rule of eating a few boring dishes. You can consume a lot of food items. Moreover, eating healthy is not enough. There are a few habits that can take you the path of a perfectly healthy diet. 

Thus, here are the 5 DOs AND DON’Ts OF A HEALTHY DIET 



Fruits and is an essential source of minerals and fibre. If you don’t have fruits in your daily diet, then go for it now. The best part about incorporating fruits in your diet is that it will never make you feel hungry. 

It is a very excellent way to fulfill your hunger while gaining requisite nutrients. Fruits will also fight against chronic diseases and eliminate the high chances of getting them. Similarly, there are so many types of beneficial fruits that you will never get bored with one taste. 


Instead of barging on the food all at once, breaking down your meals can help in easy digestion and overeating. Prepare 4-6 small meals to stay full and active. Eating just 2-3 meals a day can slow the digestion and make you lazy. 

Moreover, there is a high chance that you overeat without realizing it. Don’t fill these meals with snacks and munchies, but go for a fruit salad or sprouts. 


No matter how much emphasis everyone tries to give it, people still do not take it seriously. Water is a vital part of healthy living. It helps in body functions, such as digestion and elimination. 

If you are trying to eat healthily but ignore the required amount of water, your diet is still lacking. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day to maintain the hydration level of the body. 



There is a saying that, eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a tramp. It means that you should never skip breakfast. It fills your body after many hours of the empty stomach at night. 

If you are not eating enough breakfast, then it can lead to weakness. Try to eat fruits and other sources of protein like eggs. Other food choices like a banana shake or oatmeal can be included in the breakfast. 


Do not sabotage yourself with a high intake of sugar. A high amount of sugar consumption in a day can result in diabetes, heart diseases, glucose spike, and even tooth decay. 

Always maintain a perfect balance to consume sugar, and don’t entirely remove it from your diet. Sugar is also a must to include in a diet plan. 


The word diet is always related to weight loss when, in reality, it is what you intake. To lead a healthy life, incorporate these tips into your diet, and feel the positive change in your body. 

It is not just the physical change but also the core strength. Think about happy thoughts and flush all the negativity. 

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