5 Crucial Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men

Updated on October 27, 2020

Kegel exercises are not just for women. Men can also do Kegel exercises. It’s true, men can do Kegel exercises for health-related purposes. 

Kegel exercises for men have numerous benefits. When men think of working out, Kegels aren’t what come to mind, but these Kegel exercises for men come with benefits worthy of being added to any workout. Men should know about these exercises. 

Kegel Exercises and Men’s Sexual Health

Many men aren’t aware that they have a pelvic floor. In the pelvic floor, there are pelvic muscles that are responsible for keeping everything in place in the body. 

The pelvic muscles serve as a support structure that needs to work properly. One of the functions of the pelvic floor muscles is to actively increase blood flow to the groin during sexual intercourse. 

If there is a pelvic floor dysfunction, various health issues can arise, specifically in terms of sexual function. This type of dysfunction is responsible for causing erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who suffer from ED are unable to get or keep an erection.

Unable to get a firm erection affects their ability to engage in sexual intercourse. Men who experience ED and want to enhance their sexual function should consider Kegel exercises. 

Crucial Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men

ED is a condition that affects sexual performance and causes men to experience significant distress. Men with ED who do Kegel exercises can get a firmer erection. This is the result of improved blood flow to the groin. 

To experience the following benefits that are listed, men have to determine which excercises for avoiding erectile dysfunction are the best. 

1. Delayed Ejaculations

Kegel exercises for men can help to delay ejaculations. Men who practice these exercises will be able to contract the pelvic muscles on command which gives them, to a certain extent, the ability to control when they ejaculate. 

This can help to limit premature ejaculation, as well as help men to maintain an erection. 

2. Better Orgasms

Better orgasms are among the Kegel benefits that men can experience. If the Kegel exercises are done correctly, men can experience more intense orgasms. Improved orgasm sensation is a benefit that many men seek.  

3. Strengthen Pelvic Floor 

It does not take long to see benefits. Continuous use of these exercises can help to tone and strengthen the pelvic muscles. In this manner, Kegel exercises help to reverse the effects of ED. 

4. No Need to Take Medications

Men with ED who do Kegel exercises can avoid taking medications. Medications only provide temporary relief, so it is beneficial to do Kegel exercises. 

5. Better Sex

Once the benefits of the Kegel exercises start to take effect, men with ED will experience improved sexual pleasure. Men will better enjoy sex as they will not have to worry about failing to get firm or experiencing premature ejaculation. 

Kegel Exercises Do Have Their Benefits

Putting time and effort into Kegel exercises for men can lead to great results. Exercises for avoiding erectile dysfunction are plentiful. Kegel exercises can help men with ED have better sex lives. 

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