5 Creative Ways to Use CBD Tincture

Updated on September 22, 2021

CBD tinctures are just about the most boring types of CBD products you can think of these days. They were what made CBD popular way back in the beginning of the 2010s, and at this point, every CBD company offers a tincture, resulting in thousands and thousands of options.

Producers may have run out of ideas a long time ago, but consumers are still coming up with ridiculously creative ways of using CBD hemp tincture to improve their lives. If we may say so ourselves, Secret Nature’s CBD tincture is the most creative and effective of the lot, lending its fair share of inspiration to the following five reviews.

#1) Coping with being sick

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic remains the elephant in the room rampaging through our personal and public lives. Some Secret Nature customers have turned to our tincture as an aid for coping with the daily stresses pandemic and vaccinated life can bring. Anytime cannabis serves as a light in the darkness, we have something to celebrate.

• Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review – Cheri L. ★★★★★ “Being fully vaccinated and testing positive in July for COVID-19, my energy levels are tested constantly. Starting the day with a dropper full gives me the positive attitude and over all feeling of being able to face life.”

#2) Reducing reliance on pain meds

It’s a tricky subject given the chokehold the prescription drug industry continues to exert over free discourse in America. Countless thousands of chronic pain sufferers have, though, by their own admission, experienced relief after using CBD. That remains an incontrovertible fact voiced by the grateful multitude — witness one of these voices below:

• Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review – Heather B. ★★★★★ “Been suffering from chronic pain for 10 + years and do not like to take pain meds this product is amazing. Noticed substantial relief after just 2 days. So glad I gave it a try. I will definitely be a customer for life. Thank you Secret Nature.”

#3) Renewing your self-image

This is one we hadn’t heard of before. It’s more poetry than a benefit of CBD tincture, in a way. At least one Secret Nature customer has completely reinvented herself with the help of our Hemp Flower Drops.

• Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review – Doris L. “Renewed” ★★★★★ “’I’ve been overweight my whole life. Never felt good enough for others. So far I feel this cbd oils has taken the edge off. I look forward to see how this might change other thing in my life. I have noticed, while trying to cut back on food intake, I don’t seem to be as anxious.”

#4) Mother-daughter bonding

CBD is often an inter-generational experience. The CBD movement started with parents giving their epileptic children hemp tinctures, and these days, it’s common for adult children to enjoy the benefits of CBD alongside their aging parents. Here’s one way a Secret Nature reviewer found to cross the generational gap with hemp:

• Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review – Natasha J. “Great way to relax during the day” ★★★★★ “My mom loved this cbd oil, she said it calmed her down during the day and helped her neck pain. I got her the mint flavor and she has it with some hot water every day and loves it. I tried it myself and it is so relaxing (calms my anxiety) without making me sleepy. Probably going to get one for myself!”

#5) Securing the best CBD

Sometimes, we wish our customers would talk more about our tincture’s effects. They just gush on and on about how great and high-quality our products are and how they’re so different from everything else they’ve tried. Take verified Organic Hemp Flower Drops buyer Thomas K., for example:

• Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops review – . “ ★★★★★ “Wow, the highest quality CBD I’ve found yet. I’ve been trying different CBD for the last few years and just happened to find Secret Nature. Helps me with my anxiety and sleep better than any other brand. Trust me when I say you will not find a better tincture.”

Using a CBD tincture: FAQ

We’ve given you five somewhat unusual examples of ways to use CBD tinctures, but you might have some more general questions. In particular, we’ve found customers to be very curious about how to change the flavor of a CBD tincture. Let’s clarify a few points in the following FAQ.

What do you mix CBD tincture with?

CBD tinctures are generally not designed to be mixed with anything else. You can add small amounts of CBD tincture to pretty much any type of drink, but tinctures are premixed to carry CBD effectively through your digestive system.

How do you add flavor to a CBD tincture?

It’s easy to change the flavor of a CBD tincture with essential oils or terpenes. In most cases, the flavors produced by essential oils are caused by terpenes or flavonoids, and the fact that both of these classes of compounds are also found in cannabis makes it natural to combine CBD tinctures with either essential oils or distilled terpenes.

Terpenes are highly volatile while essential oils generally aren’t. If you’re new to flavoring hemp tinctures, start with essential oils, and consider trying terpenes after you have some experience.

What is the strongest CBD tincture on the market?

CBD hemp tinctures generally contain 1-3mg CBD per drop. It isn’t possible to pack concentrations of cannabinoids any higher than that into a solution while keeping it liquid, so there’s an upper limit to the physical amount of CBD a tincture drop can contain.

The effectiveness of a CBD tincture ends up having a lot more to do with its overall formulation than it does with the amount of CBD in each drop. Taking advantage of the entourage effect and other natural wellness synergies elevates CBD tinctures to entirely new levels of effectiveness.

Can you add CBD tincture to coffee?

Yes, you can put CBD tincture in your coffee, and as a hot drink, coffee is actually an ideal beverage to infuse with CBD. As a lipid substance, CBD doesn’t mix well with water on its own. Heat or another force must step in to allow a CBD tincture to disperse throughout a liquid volume.

The same goes for any other type of CBD product. Placed in a strainer, CBD flower releases its cannabinoids into tea quite nicely, and even when ingested orally, cannabinoids must be heated to decarboxylate.

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