5 Best Supplements for Building Muscle Mass

Updated on November 11, 2021

Reaching your fitness goals can be challenging. Spending hours in the gym and concentrating on your diet is a lot of hard work, but it’s certainly worth it if you want to look your best. Supplements can help you with that but there are so many on the market it can be difficult to decide which ones you should be taking. Here are the five best supplements for building muscle mass.


Turkesterone is a plant-based substance that has been taking the bodybuilding world by storm in recent months. It is believed to improve your performance gains and alter your body composition. It improves lean muscle tissue, muscular endurance, and recovery time. This means that you can work out more often and see better results. 

Turkesterone’s effect on the body has been compared to that of anabolic steroids, but because it isn’t a steroid, it is believed not to have any of the harmful side effects. Further research is needed into this supplement but at the moment it is thought to be harmless, and it is legal to take in the USA. 

Whey Protein

Whey protein has been used in the bodybuilding world for many years. Taking this supplement increases muscle mass and can produce some fantastic results when combined with weight training. 

Protein is an important part of your diet but, most people, especially bodybuilders, can’t get enough of it from their diet alone. Therefore, supplements are popular. These supplements are often taken in the form of powders or shakes that can be added to your morning smoothie and helps to set you up for the day.

Whey protein can be taken after a workout too. This will aid recovery time and improve your muscle mass, meaning that you will see better results next time you go to the gym. 


Testosterone supplements are a popular way of building muscle mass. This is produced naturally in the body but the older you are, the less of it you will produce. It is believed to be most effective for bodybuilders over the age of 30 as it builds muscles strength and fights fatigue, meaning that you can extend your workout time and make them more intense. Combined with the effect of making you lose body fat, testosterone is a great supplement for helping you to look your best and make the most of your workouts. 


Taking a creatine supplement will help you to increase your stamina, focus, and endurance. This will help to motivate you and make it easier for you to manage the more intense, longer workouts you will need to build body mass. 

Creatine has been popular in the bodybuilding world for years, and those who use it regularly have reported that the supplement helps them to lift heavier weights for longer, thus increasing their muscle mass. 


HGH should only be used under medical supervision so see your medical practitioner before you start taking it. HGH is a growth hormone that helps your body to produce and grow new cells. It also increases muscle mass and promotes restfulness, meaning that your body has the sleep it needs to recover and grow muscle. It promotes lean muscle, but it can take up to six months to work effectively so you will have to be patient to see the results. 

There is no doubt that if you want to build muscle mass, you are going to have to put in a lot of hours at the gym. However, taking these supplements can make a huge difference to your muscle mass, stamina, and your ability to get the body you want. 

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