5 Benefits of Vegan Collagen in Skincare

Updated on November 13, 2022

Did you know that collagen is one of the most important supplements you can add into your wellness routine? This is because collagen can help improve so many different things, from your gut health to your skin.

Your body is actually able to produce a certain level of collagen on its own. But as we get older, the ability to do this significantly decreases. Collagen is actually a type of protein that supports the growth of everything from our bones to our hair and skin.

So as our body starts to decrease in the ability to produce enough collagen on our own, it becomes more and more important to take the right amount of collagen through supplemental means—whether that be through eating collagen-rich foods or through taking collagen supplements or boosters.

The good news is that collagen is easy to digest because it is a type of protein our body us already used to. But one of the top things to know about collagen supplements is that they are derived from animal products. This means that if you are vegan, you are not able to take normal collagen products without jeopardizing your diet and lifestyle.

However, over recent years there have been phenomenal improvements to the alternatives and now vegan collagen is available to those that want an alternative. And recent studies are also showing that vegan collagen is providing not only a range of but can be safer to consumers compared to normal collagen.

If you are considering adding vegan collagen to your wellness routine, we of course first encourage you to talk to your doctor or nutritionist. And when you do, here are some great benefits you should discuss with them—especially when it comes to vegan collagen for skincare products. After all, who doesn’t want clean, healthy, and glowing skin?

1. Get Glowing Skin

Collagen in general is known to enhance your skin and give it that gorgeous glowing look that many people strive for. Skincare products with vegan collagen are able to give your skin extra hydration and elasticity, meaning that you will be less at risk of getting wrinkles.

Many of the best skincare products now use vegan collagen as a key ingredient so that consumers can get the best glowing skin possible. If these skincare products are used consistently, over time there will likely be great results in the enhancement of your overall skin thanks to the enhanced proteins. Plus, some vegan collagen skincare products have even shown promise in helping to reverse acne too.

2. Helps Alleviate Joint Pain

Skincare products with vegan collagen are not just good for your skin, but also your joints too. Your joints beneath your skin will also get some soothing support that can help prevent stiffness and even pain. Of course, you may want to consider other vegan collagen supplements too if you are really experiencing joint and bone pain—and of course, consult with your doctor too.

3. Offers Cleaner Skincare

Many skincare products that use standard collagen risk getting contaminants from animals into the products—meaning that it could end up causing you more harm than good. However, vegan collagen is something that is created in a controlled lab environment and is about as pure as collagen can come.

Vegan collagen is made from a combination of bacteria and yeast, meaning nothing from an animal is actually used. Vegan collagen acts as an important booster to your body and helps the promotion of natural collagen from within too. Our skin is an important organ and we should be trying to minimize the number of toxins it is exposed to—which is why vegan collagen skincare products is such a great option.  

4. Enables the Vegan Lifestyle

Many vegans have chosen to avoid using any products with animals for both health and moral reasons. So it can be challenging at times to find skincare products that are free of any animal products—especially collagen—as that has normally been derived from animals. But now, vegan collagen skincare products offer a fantastic alternative to vegans that still give them a boost of collagen while not compromising their commitment to the vegan lifestyle.

This goes without saying though that you do not have to be vegan to enjoy the benefits of vegan collagen skincare products. Anyone with any lifestyle can still benefit from it in the same way—especially glowing and healthy skin.

5. Affordable and Easily Accessible

Vegan collagen skincare products are also now widely accessible and affordable for the average person. In fact, you can find some of the best options online and be able to have it shipped directly to your home. Healthy and clean skincare does not get much easier than that.


There are numerous benefits to using vegan collagen skincare products. So why wait any longer in trying some out today?

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