5 Benefits of Prioritizing Self-Pleasure

Updated on June 16, 2022

Many people tend to shy away from the topic of self-pleasure and why it can benefit you.

We are here to lay it all out there because self-pleasure shouldn’t have anything but a positive connotation attached to it.

People indulge in self-pleasure. They are lying if they say they don’t. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and we should fully embrace it. All you need is an excellent natural lubricant and the confidence to believe you deserve to feel good.

There are so many benefits that will come your way when you let yourself fully embrace self-pleasure. So whatever turns you on, embrace it. Because it will not only feel empowering but also have many long-term psychological impacts on you too.

For those who aren’t yet convinced that prioritizing self-pleasure is the way to go, we have rounded up all the benefits that have been proven and why you need to make this a priority for yourself asap.

1. It Feels Good

This one is obvious. But self-pleasure feels good. So why wouldn’t you do it? Did you know that the female clitoris has thousands of nerve endings? These nerve endings are directly linked to your brain and enhanced considerably when you give yourself self-pleasure.

There has been quite a bit of research done on this and the benefits that come with knowing how to activate your pleasure pathways. If you practice enough, you will be able to be honed in on knowing exactly how to make yourself feel great physically and mentally in a matter of seconds. Being in control of feeling good is a very empowering feeling.

This is perhaps one of the top reasons you should be letting yourself experience self-pleasure. While many people shy away from allowing themselves to experience this feeling, it is something that you should be okay with permitting yourself to do. This is because you own your body and are allowed to self-pleasure for the primary purpose of simply feeling good.

2. Enhance Your Intimacy with a Partner

The more that you understand your own body, the more you will be able to help teach your partner about your body, too—and how to make it feel good. Of course, you can’t expect a sexual partner to know how to make you feel great and orgasm instantly. Each body is different and will be triggered by different things.

When you indulge in self-pleasure and learn about your body in that level of detail, you can teach your sexual partner the exact places on your body you need to be touched and the amount of pressure you want that physical touch to be applied.

It will also enhance your relationship with your sexual partner because there will become a much more intimate level of trust and the ability to communicate your specific needs and desires.

3. Activate Your Stagnant Libido

If you are in a bit of a rut and find yourself going through the same evening rituals where you eat dinner, relax and then go to sleep, your sexual organs may start to feel neglected. This could also reduce your desire for sexual intimacy while equally creating a growing frustration sexually.

When you allow yourself to indulge in self-pleasure, you will instantly be honed your sexual side. This will also make it easier to have those desires to activate intimate moves with your partner on an average weeknight.

You will be stimulating your neurochemicals and hormones to want to experience more sexual pleasure, which will only help you and your partner feel more sexually connected.

4. Helps You Relax and Fall Asleep

Have you ever been lying in bed feeling restless and wide awake, but all you want to be doing is going to sleep? Self-pleasure can help your brain calm down and relax to the point that you will drift off to sleep with ease after.

Many people describe self-pleasure as a mindfulness practice. Your brain becomes so honed in on the moment and the good sensations that any anxiety or stress you may have already felt simply fades away. When you orgasm, it is a physical release that helps those once overpowering emotions not seem so overpowering.

Soon after, you will likely find yourself quickly drifting off to sleep.

5. You are In Control

When you prioritize self-pleasing yourself, you will also feel more in control of your body. You will feel more connected with your body, more confident, and more empowered by your body.


These five reasons are just the beginning of why you should prioritize self-pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Lube up and get going!

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