5 Basic Care Your Elderly Loved Ones Need

Updated on April 24, 2020
Portrait of an adult woman with his elderly mother.

As your parents age, their physical condition weakens and more care is needed to ensure that they will be able to live comfortably. Tandem Careplanning can help in such a situation by joining hands with you in providing the best possible life for the ones you love. Take this opportunity to give back to them the love and care that they invested in you earlier during your younger years. 

Caring for them requires special preparation and planning, since emergencies might happen and you would need to have a ready plan for any health issues that might crop up. If you feel overwhelmed and do not know how to get on with the task in front of you, here are some ideas for handling this important responsibility. 

5 Basic Tips For How To Care For Your Elderly Loved Ones 

1. Provide Them With Proper Home Care

Elderly people require special care and attention since they have delicate needs. For this particular purpose, you can work with your relatives and other family members in order to provide the things that your elderly loved ones need at present. Depending on their overall condition, they might require minimal or constant supervision. Assess their health and areas of weaknesses so that you know which areas you will need to step up on. There are many service providers available like Tandem Careplanning who assign caregivers to work around your schedule in order to provide professional home care. This way, your loved ones are never alone or without proper aid and supervision. 

2. Maintain Constant Communication And Visit Them As Often As Possible

One of the most basic requirements of the elderly ones in your family is your presence and attention. If you live far away, try to visit them on the weekends or spend your holidays with them. The time you spend with them cannot be replaced by large amounts of money spent at their expense. Talk to them when you visit and ask how they are managing. Show them that you care as these are the simple things that can help lift their mood and spirits. If you cannot be physically present, then at least give them a call every now and then. Use apps that have the video call feature so that you can both see each other and check on each other’s well-being. 

3. Install Safety Features In Their Home

Depending on the capability and health of your elderly loved ones, it is important to always plan ahead and ease their way of life as much as possible. Examples of safety features that you can include are the following: 

  • Grab bars or railings that can be installed in bathrooms, hallways, porches, and other areas that they frequent during the day
  • Ramps for easy access 
  • Bathroom essentials like shower seats and non-slip mats for when they take a bath to lessen the risk of slipping
  • Good lighting in certain portions of the house where it might be dark and they will not be able to see properly. Inadequate lighting can lead to accidents, especially during the night, when they might stumble and fall. 

Physician in medical face mask holding syringe while senior lady keeping arm on cushion stock photo

4. Make Sure They Take Their Medicines And Go For Regular Check-Ups

Sometimes the elderly forget the medicines that they are supposed to take every day because of advanced age and the deterioration of their memory as they grow older. Be sure to remind them or set up a system wherein they will always remember to take their medicine on time. 

Always make sure that they have regular check-ups as well. During this stage of their life, regular checkups will ensure that early signs of serious diseases are detected and prevented. 

5. Ensure That Someone Takes Care Of Housekeeping And House Maintenance

It is better to have someone take over the housekeeping if they are unable to do it themselves. You can do this when you visit to make sure that housework is running smoothly and safely. Things that you can check during housekeeping are the air conditioning, heaters, and electrical sockets. Check also if they have enough groceries for their everyday needs. If you are unable to do this, you can always enlist another family member, or hire part-time or full-time house help to assist them in running the house. 


As you grow up and earn your independence, it’s nice to give back to your elderly loved ones the same care that they provided for you during the early part of your life.

There are some basics that must be taken care of, such as proper home care, constant visits, and regular communication. Also, ensure that they take their medicines and go for regular check-ups. Lastly, make sure that someone takes care of housekeeping or regular house maintenance to help them around the house. 

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