5 Amazing Benefits of Dental Crowns in Westerville, OH

Updated on November 26, 2019

Westerville ranked 43 as the best suburbs to live in Ohio, with a population of over 38 thousand across different races and ethnicity, including Asian, American, as well as native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, the single crown has become one of the most common restoratives practice with about over two million implant-supported crowns performed every year. Like any fast-growing city, there are plenty of dental clinics that offer services for dental crowns in Westerville, OH. A Google search alone returns over 50,000 results.

While many have heard about dental crowns’ advantages, some Westerville residents are still unsure of the functions and benefits of such procedure. This article highlights the key reasons to opt for the dental crown procedure and its benefits.

Key reasons to opt for dental crowns

While there are plenty of clinics that provide reliable dental crowns in Westerville, OH, not all dental conditions require this procedure. There are two significant reasons why people in Ohio may need to get crowns on their teeth, namely, for cosmetic or functional reasons.

Cosmetic purposes involve restoring the aesthetics of a crook tooth and covering a stained tooth. An unsightly tooth, such as the one that is discolored, can be covered up with a porcelain crown. A tooth that has an unremovable stain might not be fixed even with a professional whitening mixture, which is a problem solved with crowns.

On the other hand, for functional purposes, crowns can be placed on a weakened tooth, heavily-filled tooth, single tooth replacement, as well as on a brittle tooth after root canal treatment.

Crown can serve as a protective shield to the weak or damaged teeth. It can also restore the strength of a weakened tooth that is caused by over-filling many times on different parts of the tooth.

Moreover, a tooth may become brittle or weakened following a root canal procedure. Thus, placing a crown over the weak tooth will strengthen it. Patients that have undergone a dental implant to restore a missing tooth may also need a crown, which will become positioned over the implant.

Five benefits of dental crowns

The following are some of the top benefits of a dental crown procedure in Westerville.

Help relieve uncomfortable symptoms

The experts in Westerville recommend getting a dental crown to complete the restorative procedure after repairing tooth damage. The dental crown can also strengthen a once weakened tooth that has previously repaired due to extensive decay, chipped tooth, fractured tooth, teeth root infection, and this will help prevent further complication and sensitivity later on.

Utilize easy procedure

The dental crown procedure is surprisingly simple, less invasive, and uncomplicated. According to WebMD, the process of preparing a tooth for a crown only involves two visits. The first visit includes the examination, preparation of the tooth, as well as shielding the prepared tooth with a temporary crown. Whereas the second visit consists of the removal of the temporary crown and cementing a new and permanent crown in place.

Can be customized to give you the best smile

Dental crowns are typically prepared according to the patients’ preference, including the teeth size, color, shape, and fit. The customized treatment produces crowns that fit the patients’ needs, budget, and smile.

Improve teeth appearance

While dental crowns are usually utilized as a part of the restorative procedures, they also bring several cosmetic advantages. This procedure can mask discoloration and stains, as well as correct crooked, chipped, and fractured teeth.

Can stand the test of time

Dental crowns created with high-quality and durable materials, coupled with proper care, can last for up to three decades. Therefore, people in Westerville can enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Dental crowns can be advantageous both in terms of functional and cosmetic aspects. Nevertheless, to ensure that the procedure is well-performed and successful, patients need to pick a reputable clinic that offers a reliable dental crown procedure in Westerville.

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