420 Magazine and How to Pass a Drug Test in the Workplace

Updated on June 24, 2022

You need to pass a drug test in the Workplace no matter what happens since this is your job and reputation on the line. When applying for work, some employers will also require that you pass this first before you get accepted.

However, some people are still using marijuana because of recreational or medicinal purposes. It’s possible to detect significant levels of THC, especially if you’ve just smoked weed, and this can show in samples like urine. 

The testers in the laboratory setting may require you to submit blood, hair, or urine as samples. You may want to visit The 420 Times to know more methods to easily pass this without needing to put yourself in a precarious position. With the help of synthetic urine, you won’t have any traces of THC, heroin, and other illegal substances that can be detected in the sample. This is ideally done without anyone watching, and you should follow the instructions to the letter if you want to succeed.

Choosing the Best Products

Only Buy High-Quality Synthetic Urine

You might find that there are a lot of products in the market for fake urine. However, you need to consider the quality so it won’t have much difference from the genuine urine. Make sure to purchase the products with the right odor, ingredients, appearance, and actual pee color.

Get the ones with the same level of urea, uric acid, creatinine, ammonia, and other ingredients that resemble that of human urine. As a buyer, read reviews about the results. You can learn more about the effects of cannabis products and their components that can affect your drug test result when you visit sites like the 420 Magazine. 

Read the Ingredients First

Another factor to consider when choosing the right kit is knowing more and researching the ingredients. It’s highly recommended to know the uric acid levels, pH, and creatinine to ensure that they resemble actual pee. After finding a reliable company that qualifies with your criteria, you might want to purchase several kits and create synthetic urine perfectly.

Compare Prices

You need to visit different websites, review blogs, and other eCommerce stores to compare prices. Know your budget and decide how much you will spend on a synthetic kit. The prices may vary but always look for affordable ones. See more about the composition of urine on this page.

Expiration Dates Matter

If you want to have successful results without questions, you need a kit that hasn’t expired yet. Avoid those who are already considered void since they don’t have any value at all. Before purchasing and receiving the package, check the expiration date before anything else.

What are the Examples of Preparation in Synthetic Urine?

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  • Get it out of the box and open all the contents. It might come in the form of premixed liquid or powder.
  • There might be heat pads that are included in the package. Use them as stickers and apply them one at a time.
  • It would take an hour for this to reach the required temperature, and others might get by with microwaving the powder or ingredient.
  • Use the activator pads if this is something urgent. Only pour little amounts of powder, shake it, get the temperature, and add more if necessary.
  • Close the bottle where the fake pee is situated and pass it to the testers

You’ll always find sample vials, temperature strips, and heat activator powders or pads in a package. You need to open the bottle or vial of urine when you need to use it. You can go to a private restroom and mix the rest. Some will require you to microwave the product, especially if this does not register on the strip, as this would require above 88-degree F. 

Generally, you may opt for the heating powder to increase the temperature. When you see clumps, break them down and ensure that everything is diluted. Choose the pocket-friendly and popular ones to increase your chances of success and prevent a false positive result. See post about the causes of false positives in this url: https://www.webmd.com/drug-medication/ss/slideshow-drugs-false-positive-test

What the Others are Saying

Thousands of people have already used these samples, and know that many of them are happy with the results. They might be gut-wrenching testimonies of employees who were able to keep their families fed because the results are negative or the ones who have escaped jail time and realized that they did the right thing. Here’s an example of how these tests go:

1. You’ll receive a cup where you will need to place your urine sample. Generally, this is done inside a laboratory.

2. Most of these will hold about eight ounces of fluid.

3. Generally, they will include the strips since they will check if the enzymes are reacting with your sample.

4. If everything is clean and you don’t have any trace of illegal substances, the strip will say negative. However, if you’ve just smoked weed, then a synthetic pee can help you get out of trouble and avoid many headaches later on.

5. After you’ve got the required minimum sample, you’ll bring it out of the room and submit it into a window to the tester. They will need to do the test while the sample is still warm from their body temperature. These steps can be different, but they are easy to pass.

You need to ensure that the sample gets into the cup or container and it’s still warm from your body temperature. It’s a fail-safe strategy, and this is better than borrowing pee from friends or co-workers. You might be unsure about when they have last smoked, or you might find yourself the center of gossip in the office.

Know that the right products work well, but not all are created equal. You might also want to carry hand warmers all the time, which will make the sample last up to 3 or 5 hours. If it’s more than that, you might want to make an excuse that you need to go somewhere else because the efficacy of the sample is already lost. You can always make a new one and submit it to the testers whenever it’s convenient for you.

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