4 Ways to Deal with Pregnancy Hip Pain

Updated on June 8, 2022

There are a lot of side effects and potential problems with pregnancy, and while things like intense food cravings and needing to go to the bathroom a lot more frequently are always going to be on the list for a new mother, the problem of pregnancy hip pain shouldn’t be. But it does happen, and whenever you start to feel a pain in your hips, then you need to quickly find a way to deal with that that is safe for both you and the new baby.

There are several safe, natural, and most importantly effective ways to overcome your hip pain, and this article is going to list several. Just pick a few and then get started on relieving the pain, then you can get back to the normal pregnancy symptoms.

Press A Warm Compress

Heat has always been a fantastic way to overcome dull pain, and any pain during pregnancy can be solved the exact same way. Using a warm compress and placing it against the hips can provide some soothing relief as well as a nice sensation. You can easily make your own by warming up a towel and placing it against the hips, or you can purchase a heating pad or a compress.

Just make sure to never place the heated object onto the belly or onto any exposed skin, and instead place it over your clothes on your hips. After a while, the pain should fade away and you shouldn’t have any more issues. A warm bath can also help soothe your hip pain as well, just make sure the water is warm and not hot.

Supporting The Hips

How a pregnant woman sleeps is one of the biggest answers to dealing with various aches and pains in the body. While most women sleep on their sides while pregnant, they should not do so without a pillow between their legs to help with elevation. A normal pillow can provide the needed support, but it is best to use a pregnancy pillow which is designed to support a woman’s entire body, and it is often a full length pillow as well.

Just spending a few nights curled up with a pregnancy pillow is enough to fix most pregnancy-caused aches and pains, but for those pains and aches that just won’t go away around the hips, most women will need to use a pregnancy pelvic belt. Pelvic belts have been shown to support women’s hips, although you will likely need to go to a store specializing in pregnancy tools to find a good one.

Exercises And Stretches

While it might seem like the best thing to do is to rest and protect the child by not doing anything during the last few months of the pregnancy, continuing to exercise and move around is one of the best things you can do for your child in question. Even light exercises like walking, swimming, and even yoga can do two things for the body.

First, the exercise can stop you from gaining excess weight as the pregnancy goes on, because that extra weight can really cause problems for the joints. It puts more and more pressure on your back and hips, and with your body already carrying a baby, you don’t need more pressure added to it!

Second, experimenting with yoga can help you stretch out and massage some of the areas of your body where you are going to be sore. These include the hips! Plus, having some form of exercise to do can be a great distraction from all of the other problems of pregnancy, and can also help elevate the swings in mood. 

Over The Counter Pain Medication

If none of the natural remedies are enough to help out your body, then over the counter pain medication is a good final resort to ensure that the pain in your hips goes away. Just make sure that any pain medication you get is something that is safe for both you and your child, and everything should be fine. 

If you have tried everything and the hip pain hasn’t gone away, or it remains after you have given birth to the baby, then you probably need to see a doctor and have them give you a full look over. They will give you some of the best ways to treat and remove your hip pain, so make sure to keep your doctors in mind.

Getting Rid Of Your Hip Pain

Removing your hip pain during pregnancy is something that every mother needs to have done, because the less pain you are in during the pregnancy, the easier everything will be! Don’t be afraid to try new things and seek out new solutions in order to completely overcome the pain.

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